Spontaneous Date Ideas in Montreal

Date planning isn’t always easy. Perhaps you have conflicting work schedules, and reservations at upscale restaurants aren’t affordable. Fortunately, in Montreal, you may take the metro downtown and be confronted with an endless list of new things to try.

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Board Game Night

Le Randolph Pub Ludique, located in Montreal’s Latin Quarter, contains over 1500 board games ranging from hilarious to serious, short to long, for two to ten players. Board games are excellent tools for socialising. They bring people together, help them overcome awkward small talk, and, most importantly, they’re a lot of fun!

Board Game

They recommend attempting Ricochet Robots, Enchanted Forest, or even Ciao Ciao – they’re supposedly some of the best games in the Randolph Collection (but don’t play Monopoly the first time!)

Go for High Tea

In Montreal, there are a handful of establishments that provide the High Tea experience. Before you dismiss it as an upper-class British ceremonial, consider this: tea was introduced to England by Portuguese aristocrats. It is the polar antithesis of bourgeois tradition and is really fairly popular throughout the city.

Gryphon d’Or at NDG or Bar A Beurre are two options for a nice atmosphere. Alternatively, if you’re seeking for the bourgeois vibe that high tea has been known for, the Ritz-Carlton Montreal has been doing so since 1912.

High Tea

Either way it’s a great opportunity to relax and enjoy a variety of sandwiches, scones and other pastries (while drinking out of floral teacups, of course).

“Share Sweet Moments” at Juliette & Chocolat

“I’ve always believed chocolate was magical!” stated Juliette Brun, owner of Juliette & Chocolate. Naturally, it’s ideal for a spontaneous date. Even if you wish to stay inside on chilly, dreary days, Montreal winters are the ideal time to sip hot cocoa!

Chocolate Drink

You may speak over coffee or hot chocolate while eating a selection of sweet and savory crepes.

Catch a Live Show

Montreal’s music fans are in for a treat this year. Local and international musicians will visit the city in 2020, including Elton John, Céline Dion, Ozzy Osbourne, Post Malone, Marie-Mai, Harry Styles, The Lumineers, and more. Major performances, such as Céline Dion, may necessitate advance planning, but they are not the only places to enjoy live music.

Upstairs, Jazz Bar and Grill and Le Balcon provide live jazz performances, while La Sala Rossa, Casa del Popolo, and La Vitrola exhibit international touring bands as well as local performers before and after they break out.

Live music

Visit one of the neighborhood markets. There are two large marketplaces in Montreal: Atwater and Jean Talon. The Jean-Talon Market is one of North America’s largest farmers’ markets, with a broad variety of products as well as handcrafted goods and a lot of locations to sit and have lunch.

Local market

While wandering through a local market may seem like a date for warmer weather, The Atwater Market was transformed into a Christmas town this year. Every weekend from November 29 to December 22, the Atwater market was transformed into a Christmas village, complete with wooden kiosks made by local craftsmen, twinkle lights, bonfires, and enough decorations to cover the entire city.

Magical right?

Check out what’s on at the Dollar Cinema. Dollar Cinema offers a more affordable moviegoing experience for Montrealers. It’s completely affordable and adorable, with entry starting at $2.50 or less and all snacks at $1.00.

Their belief is that going to the movies does not have to be an expensive outing. It’s not the Cineplex, so they’re not known for showing the latest Avenger movie, but it’s still a terrific spot to view a movie you might not have seen otherwise (and for only a few dollars!).

Popcorn at movie theater

Get in touch with your inner child and go tubing. I know what you’re thinking (and yeah, it’s cold outside), but that’s why we all wear four or five layers, as well as a hat and mittens. Winter activities are now open to the public as a result of recent snowfall and slightly milder temperatures.

“Tubing Under the Stars is now open,” according to Les Amis de la Montagne. Snow tubing has two lanes directly close to the toboggan hill overlooking Beaver Lake. Daily passes can be purchased at the equipment rental desk on the ground level of the Beaver Lake Pavilion or at the base of the snow tubing corridors.

Snow Tubing

Before travelling to Mont Royal, make sure to check the Winter Site Conditions to determine if the snow tubing is open. Join Wandure today!

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