Recessed Lighting Ideas For 2022

Lighting is one of the most overlooked things when designing and planning the interior of a house. It’s not just about having enough lighting in every room, the design you choose can make or break your space. Lighting brings warmth to any room so you have to choose keenly. Your choice of lamps and other pieces of lighting and how to arrange them are important. And with numerous lighting trends in 2022, how best do you decide what to choose and for what space?

With that in mind, below are recessed lighting ideas for 2022 that you could try out in your home.

Choose Bold Statement Pieces

When choosing lighting for your home, don’t shy away from choosing bold pieces. These could be pieces that incorporate interesting textures, sculptural shapes, colored glass, etc as part of their designs. Even when switched off, the pieces remain as beautiful and decorative as when off. Rather than just a lighting fixture, such a design also acts as a sculpture or piece of art with an exciting finishing touch. 

Choose Sculptural Lighting

Instead of the usual table lamp designs, you could opt for bold and sculptural designs which make a very significant difference. They not only function as lighting for your room but also are attractive even when they are off. For instance, if you have a console table that you need to accentuate then you could use pairs of lamps. These could also be beautiful additions to a beautiful sideboard or a bed. Also, sofas and armchairs could be improved by adding floor lamps next to them. Breathe new life into your dark corner in the hallway by adding a beautiful piece of lighting. 

Let Your Lighting Be a Focal Point for Your Design

While the living room and dining ceiling lights are very functional, they have also become the center of focus when it comes to the 2022 lighting trends. Whether it is cottagecore, modern, or contemporary lights, etc, there are different styles to spice up your space and leave it looking exceptionally good. If you need an Electrician in Boston to install such lighting fixtures for your home, you can easily book one from the site. Also, there are clever ceiling light designs that can totally transform any space. Let the lighting be the starting point instead of being one of the last things to be worked on. You could use large pieces for larger spaces or unconventional designs for squeezed areas. 

Symmetrically Integrate Your Lighting

Another great trend to try out is using the symmetry approach with your lighting. While symmetry is a popular trick used by interior designers to create nice spaces. Equally, it is a smart lighting trend that you could use to create a classic look for your home. For instance, instead of having a plain piece of art on the wall, you could add two lamps on both sides. Alternatively, you could add them to the sides of your decorative mirror. It does not only create a great look but an elegant one.

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