Real Reasons To Smile in Your Photos! 5 Ways To Look After Your Teeth on Vacation

Young woman flossing her teeth , close up , isolated on white background

For many of us, vacation time is the opportunity to let our hair down and let certain habits slip by the wayside. But while we may want to indulge in food and drink, the reality is that we’ve got to look after ourselves in some way. If you think you can get by without looking after your oral health on a two, three, or four-week vacation, you may find yourself in dire straits, as far as toothaches and other problems are concerned. This is why you’ve got to just have the following to keep your teeth healthy while you are on vacation. 

Get a Check-Up Before Going

If you have a toothache on vacation, it’s going to make you feel pretty miserable. Check-ups, for you and the entire family, are vital before you go, so don’t delay them until afterward. It’s going to avoid the need to visit a dentist while you are on vacation, but they can also give you some pointers to look after your teeth. If you want to keep those pearly whites, you can always get a teeth whitening kit to take with you, but the important thing is always to have those good habits underneath. 

Keep to Your Daily Habits

We can feel that being on vacation means that we don’t necessarily need to floss or use mouthwash. Sometimes when we are packing, we might think that we can leave mouthwash at home because it’s taking up too much space, but there are plenty of travel-sized items available. The fact is that if you do not stick to your regular habits, you feel different. Sometimes, people need to floss twice a day so that their mouth feels clean, and if you are one of these people, stick to these important habits. 

Wear Mouthguards (if Necessary)

If you are going on a vacation where adventure is the name of the game, a mouthguard is something that may be very useful. For family members that want to throw caution to the wind and get involved in anything and everything, a mouthguard can make a big difference and protect against accidents like a broken jaw or having a tooth knocked out. 

Don’t Eat Everything Sugary

We all want to eat what we want while we’re on vacation, but the best thing to do is to get the balance right. We don’t want to be agonizing about our food choices, because we want to enjoy ourselves. But if you are someone where toothache is commonplace, after a week or so of unhealthy eating, you’re better off getting the balance right. Think about having a healthy meal for breakfast and indulging during the evening, or vice versa. 

Hold Onto Your Receipts

You need to check your dental plan if you are traveling to other countries. If your plan covers it, you could get coverage for emergency treatment. Depending on where you are visiting, getting a check-up is not always so easy. But if you end up having emergency dental treatment, make sure you obtain a receipt with full details for the dentist you have visited.

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