Is Florida an Exciting Place to Live?

If you’ve been tempted to make a big change in your life by moving to the Sunshine State, you’re not alone. In fact, Florida’s reputation for welcoming newcomers into its warm and vibrant embrace is second to none, solidifying the laid-back but lively atmosphere of the place. 

But does Florida have the kind of benefits you’ll need to lead an exciting life, whatever that may mean to you? Read on below to find out. With the right knowledge, your future in Florida could be as dazzling as the waves across the Gulf of Mexico. 

No state income tax

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for family homes for sale in Naples Florida or a one-bedroom apartment in Miami, there’s one incredible benefit of living there that you need to know. 

Florida is one of the very few places that doesn’t ask its inhabitants to pay state income taxes. And while other property tax payments are still required, you’ll be paying far less overall in comparison to many other states. 

Sunny and warm climates 

An exciting life needs good weather, and when it comes to Florida, there’s a reason it’s called the Sunshine State! Amid beautiful sunny climates, most seasons remain mild and warm. Of course, summers tend to be rather humid, but with so many beaches and activities to enjoy, you’ll embrace the idea of a scorching summer and even a warm Christmas!

Thrills, thrills, thrills 

Walt Disney World, the Universal Orlando Resort, Sea Gardens, and Busch Gardens are just a few of the thrilling attractions just waiting to grab you by the hand and whisk you around some of the most exhilarating rides in the world. 

For bona fide aqua addicts, there’s everything you could want, from swimming and snorkeling to paddle boarding and much more. Not only this, but Florida residents get a discount on many of these tickets.

Incredible sporting spirit 

Florida boasts an incredible range of sports teams, from professional global names to fast-paced college teams. With basketball, football, hockey, and many other avenues for sports fans, there’s always a new game to attend and another reason to celebrate!




Florida residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to golden sands, stunning waves, and an exciting day at the beach. Whether you’re a fan of making new friends and joining in with the latest volleyball game or finding a fun secluded part of the beach for your family to enjoy themselves, beaches play an important part in daily life. 


Clearwater Beach, Pensacola Beach, Panama City Public Beach, and Grayton Beach are just some of the most popular beaches in Florida. 


No two days are the same 


Most importantly, with so many options and so much to do on a daily basis, living in Florida provides an opportunity to enjoy the kind of life where no two days are ever the same. 


For an exciting place to call home that offers comfortable living situations, unlimited attractions to visit, and an exciting future, there’s nothing quite like Florida.

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