How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle And Weight

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight doesn’t need to be difficult. Adjusting simple life practices can make all the difference. Keep reading for keys to staying fit.

Supplements Can Help

In addition to a healthy diet, vitamins and minerals help maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight. Many people consider trying supplements from NuMedica and are pleased with the results. A common supplement is Vitamin B12, which keeps blood cells healthy and helps prevent anemia. Calcium, fish oil, ginseng, garlic, vitamin D, and green tea are other popular supplements.

Tips for Healthier Meals

Eating breakfast daily is proven to help maintain a healthier weight. Get up a few minutes earlier each day to have time to prepare a healthy breakfast, or try preparing some of the meal the night before. Eating a healthy, nutritious breakfast keeps the body from feeling hungry before lunch. Some good breakfast options are oatmeal with low-fat milk, whole wheat toast with a poached egg, or a fruit smoothie.

Lunches should include one or two servings of vegetables. Consider packing a lunch rather than buying take-out food for lunch. Good lunch options include a whole grain sandwich with a salad, a wrap with grilled chicken, and a salad with beans and corn.

Dinner is the time to load on the vegetables. Nutritionists recommend eating three to four servings of vegetables at dinner. Half of the dinner plate should be vegetables, one quarter lean protein, and one quarter a carbohydrate such as rice, bread, or noodles. Keep the serving sizes small and within the recommended daily allowance.

Baking or grilling meat and vegetables are healthier options than frying. Cooking dinner at home rather than eating out will save calories and money. Great dinner ideas include tuna or vegetables baked with low-fat cheese, a vegetable stir fry, or barbecue meat kabobs with a salad.

Snacking Success

Everyone loves a good snack. There are plenty of healthy, easy options. Fruit is a naturally sweet treat. A small serving of nuts is a great snack containing healthy fats. Low-fat yogurt is healthy and filling.

Keep Moving

Intense workouts aren’t necessary to stay fit, but staying as active as possible will help the body stay healthy. Floor exercises, swimming, walking, or moving around the house while doing chores are great ways to keep moving. Do as much as the body will allow. Ideally, both men and women should get at least twenty to thirty minutes of exercise three to five days a week. Some simple ways to move more are to take the steps instead of the elevator. Park further away from the store and walk more. Take an evening walk with a dog or spouse.

Keep Positive Energy Present

Surrounding oneself with positive energy will help maintain a sharp mental and emotional state. Facing obstacles with an optimistic outlook and supportive friends always helps. Look on the bright side of things and dwell on the good things in life.

Drink Water

Drinking water regularly helps people stay healthy. The body is roughly 80% water. Water is necessary for regular bowel functions, proper muscle operations, and immune system and skin well-being. Doctors recommend drinking eight glasses of water a day. People who don’t drink enough water end up with dry skin, headaches, fatigue, dehydration, and poor immunity.

A few small lifestyle changes can make all the difference in health. Start small and stay consistent to see big changes overall.

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