Figuring Our the Return on Investment From Your Bathroom Upgrade

You’re just about to put your home on the market but need to do a little work to improve its overall cost. This process can be a costly one if you don’t know exactly what renovations give you the most return on investment. For example, it’s important to upgrade your bathroom properly. Working with companies like may help you here.

Your Potential for Return on Your Bathroom

While the bathroom isn’t always the most obvious thing to upgrade when selling a home, there are many ways that you can boost your return on investment. Typically, experts say that a focused bathroom upgrade may have a return on investment (ROI) rate of 92 percent.

That means you’d get 92 percent of the upgrade value added to your home’s sale price. However, there are situations in which it may provide a bigger return. For example, the market where you sell your house matters heavily in this situation. Bigger cities may have a much higher ROI rate for bathrooms.

In one study, it was found that a nearly $10,000 bathroom upgrade provided a 182 percent ROI in Baltimore. That means your home would be worth an extra $18,200 after the remodeling. That doesn’t mean that all upgrades receive this kind of triple-figure ROI, of course.

As a result, it is important to pay attention to the best upgrades for your bathroom and to only add things that people truly want. Understanding these steps will give you the best possible value and ensure that you get a higher resale price on your home when trying to sell it.

Best Things to Upgrade Getting the best ROI on your bathroom upgrade is all about knowing what the market wants and providing it for the buyer. You might be surprised to know that luxury items aren’t always the most important upgrade. Just a few things that may help you here include:

· A Second Bathroom: Here’s a tip: adding a second bathroom to your home, even if it’s just a toilet, immediately boosts your home’s value immeasurably. Being able to add that extra bathroom to your listing will interest more people and get your home more value.

· Bathroom Additions: Increasing your bathroom size is one of the best ways to boost your ROI with these upgrades. You may get nearly 90 percent of your renovation price back in the sale, particularly if you expand the bathroom in a smaller home or in a more densely populated area.

· All-Wood Cabinets: The amazing thing about wood is that it never goes out of style in homes. While some trends come and go, wood always looks good and almost always gives you a good return on investment. Add wood cabinets to your bathroom to help make them more appealing.

· Walk-In Showers: While whirlpool bathtubs were once the most popular addition to many homes, they have been replaced by a walk-in shower. Many people are installing these devices because they make it easier to use as you age. These can easily be found in senior living homes.

· Steam Showers: Are steam showers a bit of a trend at the moment? Absolutely! Are they likely to become less popular? Perhaps. But they’re one of the most effective ways of increasing your home’s value and are a great investment when doing a bathroom upgrade.

· Efficiency Devices: Adding higher efficiency devices in your bathroom can help attract people interested in cutting back on their water prices. Efficiency is a big deal in the home renovation world right now, and the demand is only likely to increase with each passing year.

As for the physical appearance of your bathroom, neutral colors are important because people want a bathroom that they can change to meet their needs. White, gray, and other similar lighter colors also give a bathroom a more open look and make it seem bigger than it is in reality. Just as importantly, the quality of the items you install is important to get right.

Get Help From Experts When upgrading your bathroom using these tips, it is critical to find a trustworthy provider who can sell you items of the best possible quality. Businesses like can provide fantastic appliances and much more that may help improve the overall value of your home.

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