6 Ways To Relieve Body Aches And Pains

Single woman suffering neck ache after a bad night lying in an uncomfortable bed of an hotel room or home


After dedicating nine hours every day to your job, doing strenuous exercises, or dealing with household chores, you’ll likely experience body aches and pains and might need physio therapy. It is a common thing that can happen to anyone at any age. Although these aches are typically harmless and will clear up after one to two days, these may bring discomfort and inconvenience to your daily routine. Suffering from back pains and other body aches may slow you down and cause stress or mood swings.   

Generally, body pains may differ in frequency and intensity. In some cases, you may also experience other symptoms along with the pain, such as:  

  • Weakness  
  • Fatigue  
  • Changes in body temperature 
  • Flu-like symptoms    

Thankfully, there are a few ways to help improve and relieve your body pains. You may try one or more of these methods and see which approach works for you. That said, here are six ways to relieve body aches and pains.  

  • Get A Massage 

Sometimes, body pains and aches come from tight muscles or muscle stiffness. Tight muscles usually happen when you’ve overused your body and muscles from doing specific tasks (e.g., sitting for long periods and extreme workouts). Ultimately, these actions can temporarily damage your muscle cells and lead to muscle stiffness that may bring pain and aches. One effective way to relieve this is through a massage.   

Therapeutic massage can help loosen tight muscles, reduce pain, and promote normal blood flow. Massaging your body, especially the painful areas, can also help relieve stress and calm your mind. You can use at-home massage tools or book an appointment with a massage therapist for this.  

However, if your body pains and muscle stiffness arise from a particular injury or have lasted for a few weeks, consider seeing a physiotherapist. A professional North York Physio can help eliminate your body pain, disability, or injury through a personalized treatment plan according to your lifestyle and condition.. Their treatment plan usually includes exercise, manual therapy, guidance, and advice. So, if you’re experiencing chronic body pain, consider going to physiotherapy services like Whitepine’s Brampton physiotherapy or other clinics near you.     

  • Try Heat Therapy 

Another way to relieve body pains is by applying heat to the painful areas. Heat is known to help alleviate pain by opening your compressed blood vessels. As a result, it increases your blood flow which helps reduce body aches. You may also notice some athletes do heat therapy to soothe their muscles after a tiring physical activity. Furthermore, the heat can also distract your brain from the pain. You may try heat therapy using the following items:  

  • Heat wraps 
  • Electric heating pad 
  • Gel-filled pad (to be heated in the microwave) 
  • Hot water bottle 

You may also consider taking a nice, hot bath as the heat of the water can help ease the pain and tension of your body and relax your muscles. 

Young woman with back ache, she is sitting on the bed and touching her back

  • Get Moving  

Doing any physical activities may probably be the last thing on your mind when experiencing body pains. But if you’ve noticed, physiotherapists usually include exercise and movement in their treatment plan when treating their clients. That’s because performing physical activities or specific exercises can help reduce muscle stiffness and strengthen your joints. These will trigger your body to produce more endorphins, which relieve pain naturally.  

Simple exercises like walking, jogging, and swimming are considered helpful for relieving body aches. If you’re unsure which activity and type of exercise you should do, consult your physiotherapist for professional help and recommendations.   

  • Do Some Stretching 

If the pain you feel makes it almost impossible for you to exercise or even walk properly, do some stretching instead. Gentle stretches can help keep the pain at bay and maintain your body’s mobility. Remember, staying still and inactive will only make the pain worse. Your physiotherapist or doctor can help you identify which stretching types are appropriate for your situation.   

  • Drink Turmeric 

Another great way to relieve body aches is drinking turmeric. The turmeric root is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can alleviate body pain. You can mix at least one to two teaspoons of turmeric powder in a glass of warm milk, regular tea, or smoothie and drink it whenever you feel pain.   

Alternatively, you may also take a daily turmeric supplement to keep the pain at bay. However, it’s best to consult your doctor first to see if drinking turmeric supplements is commendable for your situation.  

  • Get Enough Hours Of Sleep 

Aside from the stretching and physical activities required by your doctor or physiotherapist, it’s also vital that you get enough hours of sleep every night. Restful sleep can help in relieving pain and promoting healing. Just ensure your pillows and mattress are suitable for your body and sleeping position to avoid further worsening your body pains.   

Additionally, you may practice meditation before going to bed. Meditation can help you relax and release any tension triggering your body pains. Preferably, meditate for at least 5 to 10 minutes, and you may play a soothing sound to help you focus and put you in meditative thoughts. 

Wrapping Up 

All in all, these tips can effectively help relieve body aches and pains without taking medication. So, if you’re experiencing chronic pain, try any of the ideas above. If the pain persists, don’t hesitate to consult your physiotherapist or doctor for more advice and suggestions. 


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