Why Your Pool Water May Appear Cloudy

Most of us will have seen cloudy pool water so which doesn’t look too appealing and can certainly put you off getting in for a swim. If your pool water appears cloudy or murky you may be wondering why this is and how it can be fixed. Here are some of the most common reasons for cloudy pool water and the solutions.

Chemicals Using chemicals such as chlorine tablets affects the pH levels of your pool water, which, if unbalanced, can result in your water having a murky appearance. Low free-chlorine levels indicate chloramine, which has a strong chlorine smell and is responsible for turning your water cloudy.

Too much chloramine will prevent the chlorine from doing its job properly meaning you’re more likely to get potentially harmful germs in your water, along with algae and ammonia. To prevent this you should take regular chlorine readings and check if your pool water needs shocking or re-balancing.

Faulty filter

Another major cause of cloudy pool water is a faulty filter. If your filter isn’t working or has a fault you may end up with stagnant water and contaminants in your pool, causing the water to appear cloudy.

You should check your pool filter for any clogs or build-up of debris (like leaves, for example) and clean it regularly. You also need to make sure that you’re running your filter long enough to enable it to do its job properly. Old filters are more likely to experience faults and may need repairing or replacing entirely.

Ambient pollution or other environmental factors

There are many ways that your pool can pick up pollutants and debris from the environment. If your pool is near any trees or plants, then you’re likely to find leaves, petals, seeds and pollen in your pool water. Animals visiting your garden may also leave behind droppings or carry seeds, pollen and other debris in their fur.

In areas with higher than average levels of air pollution, this can also settle on the surface of your pool water, adding to the situation. Over time, these pollutants can cause your pool water to appear cloudy and murky. A pool cover can help solve a lot of these issues and prevent debris from building up in your pool so quickly.

Cleaning Methods For Your Pool

So how do you correct cloudy water in your pool and can you prevent it from happening in the first place? Here are some ways to keep your pool water clean and clear.

Maintain a Healthy Pool

Keeping your pool’s water crystal-clear is vital for both safety and enjoyment. Regular cleaning prevents algae growth and eliminates cloudy water. Prioritize good filtration and pool chemicals to keep your pool healthy and sparkling. You can get these online platforms. Always carefully follow the instructions on the packaging for safe use.

Balance the chemicals

Ensure that the chemicals in your pool are properly balanced and that the water pH is correct. The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group offers guidance on this.

Check your filter

Ensure your filter is running properly and check it regularly for issues such as clogging.

Shower before swimming

Insisting people shower before using your pool reduces the number of pollutants being added to the water.

Use a pool cover

A good-quality pool cover prevents debris from entering your pool in the first place, helping to keep your water clear.

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