Tips for designing home exteriors

Home exteriors are just as important as home interiors if not more so. It does not matter if your home is traditional or modern built, home exteriors can make all the difference when it comes to home designs. Designing your home exteriors is very different from doing the interiors- whether it’s an outdoor patio you want to build or a garden, there are numerous ways you can achieve it!

Here are some tips for designing home exteriors in a way that lasts you a long time.

Pay attention to security

One of the most important things to consider when building your home exteriors is to include security. You can do this in various ways. One of the easiest but a little expensive routes to go is using motion sensored lights. These not only alert you of any intruders but also help you save electricity charges. If, however, you are looking for a cheaper route, you can go for CCTV cameras on the outside of your home. These will make sure to capture any unwanted movement or visitors while also providing you with proof of any such over the deal. You can get CCTV cameras installed by professionals by clicking here.

If you are looking for other ways to secure your home, it’s good to look into better locking systems- going for a pin pad or a fingerprint secure locking system is better than the traditional lock and key systems that can easily be picked. Also consider better locks for your windows with sturdier glass or plastic panels that are not easy to break, especially if you have big windows on the ground floor. Having a proper fence also goes a long way when trying to keep intruders away- go for higher fences rather than the small ones.

Change exterior finishes

If you are just looking to make your exteriors look fresh while still maintaining their rustic or original look, changing your exterior finishes is a good idea. The cheapest option, of course, is to just paint the outside as it will cover up any problem areas in your exteriors like mismatched bricks or pebbledash or stone cladding. Using neutral shades like white, crème and grey to paint the outside of your home is the easiest and safest route. However, you can always go the other way and choose darker or brighter colours. Arguable, dark greys, browns, reds and blacks can be good choices if you do not want to go for neutral light colours. Alternatively, you can also opt for designing home exteriors based on your interiors- are you a maximalist that loves nature? Include wall vines around your exteriors. If you are an art lover, you can always paint murals on the exterior of your house and make it one of a kind!

Make a garden

The easiest way to bring life around your house exteriors is by planting flowers and other plants, or better yet, making a garden to make your house look beautiful. Gardens are also perfect for those who like spending time outside, especially during the summer and spring months. Gardens are also a good place for those who enjoy nature and want to support

local wildlife and plants. Having a bee garden is one of the most famous options when it comes to designing home exteriors. Bee gardens are essentially gardens with flowers that promote the bee population or are good for bees.

Alternatively, you can go for water features in your backyard and centre your garden around them. Water features add a calming effect and also help clear up the air. They are perfect for the warmer months as they make the air feel cooler and bring serenity to the atmosphere.

Front doors can make the difference

Designing home exteriors is incomplete without updating your front doors. Front doors are the first thing that you or your guests will see when they come over to yours. Your door must portray the personality of your home as much as your interiors do. Going for traditional home designs if you live in a house that has a history to it is a good place to start. Try to bring out the original architecture of your house and align your doors according to that. Alternatively, if your home has been newly designed, go for a modern door style that matches the rest of your home exteriors. Remember to always include locks and alarms in your doors- a good burglar alarm goes a long way when it comes to safety and security.

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