Let’s look at how you can make your home into a Hamptons style home on a budget

Gone are the days of the laid-back shabby beach chic. Contemporary stylists are now looking to the Hamptons for inspiration, and we’re now all looking to bring the Hamptons into our homes in a more budget friendly way. 

So sit back, relax and let your imagination take over with these inspiring tips on how to redecorate your home the hamptons way.

Skirting and architraves

Structures and mouldings made from timber are a huge design element in Hampton’s style homes and should not be forgotten. Skirtings and architraves in their traditional form are large, thick gorgeously designed sections that wrap around your home. 

But, the bigger the piece, the more timber you will need – which can get pricey. Want a great way to shave some of that hefty cost without compromising your look? Many wood stores have an alternative, thinner style that is a close replica of traditional thick fittings, at half the price.

These gorgeous finishings, combined with timber flooring will give you that hamptons look in no time.


When it comes to the hamptons aesthetic, wainscoting panelled walls are a no-brainer. This interior design feature would ordinarily be raised panel wainscoting, which achieves the hamptons feel and is beautiful but comes at quite the cost. 

This design requires more building materials, time and is labour intensive – which all increase costs. Do not despair, there is a way around this. The alternative method is, essentially, stick the pre-made mold directly to your walls, rather than having them molded on your walls from scratch. 

This will help you achieve the natural accents that come with the traditional wainscoting method, without the added cost. Hey, if you are into DIY you can even do this yourself and save even more costs!

Paint choice

Switching up the colour palette of your rooms is an excellent place to start to achieve that hamptons style in your home, and luckily this will help you achieve a more modern look in your house without racking up costs. 

And there is no better way to achieve this than a fresh coat of paint! When it comes to colour choices, Choosing a colour scheme shades of warm whites, duck egg blue and grays (think neutral colours) will achieve that hampton style.

Rugs, cushions and throws

These elements are so important in hamptons styling, and luckily for you they are a relatively inexpensive addition. Adding an oversized, rectangular, duck egg or navy, floor rug in your living spaces will help you have that classic hamptons interior in no time. 

White furniture can be decorated with thick woolen or woven cushions, and ginger jars on a side table are a must. Hamptons style furniture can come at a price, but an additional few statement pieces are sophisticated and budget friendly.


An easy (and cost friendly) way to get that hamptons feel in your home is with the cabinetry. For a traditional look, you’ll want to think of shaker style cabinetry. These are quintessential in a hamptons style design home.

Let the light in

Rooms that have a lot of natural light are typical for a hamptons style home. But don’t go bashing holes in walls to try to add windows in order to achieve this! 

A simple solution to this is to add a large mirror to your room, which will not only open the space up and make it appear bigger, it will help bounce the natural light around your home, creating the feeling of an elegant light filled space. 

If you find your room is still a bit too dark and needs a little more loving, lamps in neutral colours, or even a brass lamp, are an extra addition to achieve more light.

Style choices

Keep your style choice neutral, and accents that remind you of the sea are perfect for styling your hamptons home. Think driftwood sculptures, french doors, woven carpets and wicker baskets.

Make a statement

A hamptons home is all about show and tell. A beautiful focal point and statement pieces. Classic stripes mixed with gorgeous light fitting and chunky beach themed decor will get you that hamptons feel at a low cost. 

Remember the golden rule of the hamptons style is not to overdo it and to keep it classy.

The bottom line

Taking on the task of a renovation or room update can sometimes be intimidating, but if your starting point is upgrading one thing at a time and adhere to these cosmetic renovation suggestions and styling inspiration, you will have your Hamptons oasis created in little time at all!


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