Common Fatal Accidents Experienced in 2022

There are more than a thousand construction workers who devote their lives to constructing buildings and go to work every single day in potential hazardous sites. In their duties, they face dangerous situations. While the jobs are potential hazards, their employers are mandated to ensure that the workers are working in better conditions that protect their health and life. The worksites must be safe and equipped to prevent any potential accidents. However, that is not usually the case, since employers always put profits ahead of their employees and worry less about the safety of the workplace. This leaves the employees exposed to very dangerous scenarios and tragic consequences. has continued to fight for the rights of employees for years now with one goal in mind, and that is to make sure they get compensated for all of their harms and losses should a personal injury occur.

There are about four types of construction accidents. Even so, these accidents can be prevented if the contractors and owners take their time to put in precautionary measures. Below are some of the identified areas leading to causes of fatal construction accidents;

Falls Accidents

Fall hazards make for most of the construction accidents that happen in the world. In reports by OSHA, of the total deaths that have happened due to construction accidents, about 33% were as a result of falls. Well, this is not a small percentage. Many of such falls are happening due to recklessness in equipping employees with protective gear, and well-structured plans among other safety precautions. The falls are of workers falling from roofs, girders, scaffolding or ladders, and heavy equipment. It also happens when a wall falls on a worker without their knowledge.

Hit by an Object

Some construction accidents happen when a worker is unknowingly struck by a straying object. This accounts for about 11% of the total accident fatalities caused by construction sites. The objects can be from falling objects, equipment malfunction, loose materials or shifting objects, and rigging failure. Also, workers who die from construction accidents caused by moving vehicles at the site.

Electrocutions Accidents

Unfortunately, this type of construction accident happens often because of loose electric wires. Electrocution accidents are fatal. If an employee is exposed to electrical power, they suffer a lot before finally succumbing to their injuries. The deaths account for more than 8% of the deaths happening at construction worksites. Some of the hazards in a worksite include improper cord use, improper grounding, faulty wires, and damaged equipment. To avoid such accidents, it is advisable that employers put in measures during construction that will securely set electrical wires far from their workers.

Caught Unaware/In Between Accidents

Accidents that happen from nowhere and catch the victim without notice are common. A worker may get caught in between a falling wall or a collapsing building or equipment. The employee may get struck by loose machinery or compressed in a faulty engine. Some get trapped, caught, or even struck by a collapsing structure and heavy objects. Fatalities of such accidents are estimated to be about 5.5%. It is very hard to put in measures that will protect a worker from this. However, it is the workers themselves to ensure that they do not do shoddy work that will later fall on them due to bad workmanship. Remember, a construction worker has their rights.

Unfortunately, many worksites routinely condition themselves to have such types of construction accidents. Yet, the consequences are deadly and lead to many deaths. It is urged that employers, engineers, supervisors, and owners of these properties put the minds of those at the site before the profits by putting in regulatory measures to reduce these construction accidents.

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