What to Put in Storage and What Not to Put in Storage

It can be a headache to move from one place to another. This is a transitional stage in which you must decide what things you will be taking with you, and the things you plan on discarding or putting into storage. You will also need to decide what to do with the various pieces of furniture you own, in addition to all of the personal items you’ve collected over the years.

Things to Put into Storage

Ocoee self-storage facilities and other places allow you to store quite a few things, including furniture in their facilities. Deciding what to put into storage can be a hard process to get through. You may be left with a long list of items that you don’t plan on taking with you. To help you come up with an informed decision, here are the things you should put into storage at any time.

 Furniture is one of the most commonly stored items in storage units. This is because furniture is mostly bulky and tends to take up a lot of space. You may not have much space in your new home to put all of your furniture. Or, your current furniture may not match the interior of your new home.

Seasonal Items

Seasonal items including shoes, clothing, and accessories are one of the most common items that people put into their storage units when moving because they won’t need them until the following season. Until the next season arrives, you will have a lot of time to figure out what to do with all of the items you stored away.

Large Household Appliances

This includes washers, dryers, dishwashers, kitchen stoves, and refrigerators. These things are bulky, heavy, and take up a lot of space in a new home. If you are moving into a temporary house, you will be moving out again soon. It only makes sense to put them up until you can get back to them again later.

Documents and Files

Be sure to keep your most important documents with you when you move. However, documents and files that are not important but you are still holding on to, can be put into storage until you are able to properly dispose of them. This may include medical records, financial documents, etc.

Magazines and Books

No matter how small your place is, you should definitely have some books in it. However, your new living arrangements may not allow you to move all of your magazines and books, so it is typical to move some of them into storage.

Artwork and Collectibles

Artwork pieces and collectibles are some of the most common things that get stored away while moving. After all, people only want to ensure that their highly valued items are deemed safe.

What Not to Put in Storage

Here is a list of things that you should avoid ever putting into storage for safety reasons.


You are not allowed to store any type of food item in your storage unit, so it’s important you abide by this safety rule. Food items can attract rodents and insects, which can result in a full-blown infestation.


Plants should never be put into storage units because you would be depriving them of their need to grow, water, natural light, and fresh air. It would obviously mean the end of life for your plants. Additionally, plants can attract pests.


There’s never a good reason to leave any live animals in your storage unit. This is morally wrong, and against the law to do so.

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