What to Look for in Growth-Driven Fitness Studio Software

Fitness studio software has come a long way in the past decade. Gone are the days when you would log onto a desktop and sift through data pages to find information on clients, classes, and instructors. The innovations include powerful fitness studio/gym management software that allows you to manage all aspects of your gym or studio from anywhere.

The biggest name in this field is Mindbody, however, many new software platforms today also offer business intelligence tools that help you track key performance indicators to make better decisions about how to grow your business.

Features to Look Out for When Searching for Alternatives to Mindbody If you’re looking for modern alternatives to Mindbody software to help you run your business with ease, here are some features to look for:

Branded App

You can create a custom user experience with branded app functions that enhances your brand image with your logo and colors. Your customers can easily share their workouts and progress on social media (with the option to share from within the app), so you get word-of-mouth advertising when they show off how hard they’re working out.

Member Management

Member management is a crucial feature of fitness studio software. In the past, this meant keeping track of member information such as contact details, allergies, and medical conditions. These days, there is so much more to it than that. Fitness studio software needs to cover everything from scheduling classes and signing up new members to invoicing and payments.

Marketing Automation

The right fitness studio software can help simplify your marketing efforts by automating some everyday tasks. For example, you might use it to create and distribute email newsletters automatically based on specific triggers. Perhaps when someone signs up for your newsletter on your website, they receive an automatic welcome message immediately — then they get another email after they attend their first class at your studio.

Digital Content Suite

Any fitness studio owner who wants to grow their business should be well aware of the importance of a digital content suite. Even if your studio is small, you still need to be able to offer your members the features they’ve come to expect in a modern fitness club.

Sure, it’s possible to run a successful gym without offering a digital content suite, but if you want to grow beyond your current location and membership numbers, you’ll have to provide more than just exercise equipment and classes.

Insights and Analytics

Studio management software can automatically gather data about your clients, including their attendance history and whether they’ve been paying their membership dues on time or not.

This information can be invaluable in helping you decide when it might be necessary to send out a reminder to someone who may have forgotten to pay their monthly dues or if they’ve gone a while without showing up at your studio.

The Final Word

Fitness studios face unique challenges when it comes to their software needs. There are commonalities, of course, but fitness studio owners tend to have specific requirements that can make it more complicated to find the right solution. Have a good understanding of what you and your staff need to pick the right software for your fitness studio business.

Research is an essential part of finding the right solution. Take some time to look at all your options, and don’t be afraid to ask questions before committing to a particular piece of software. You’ll be glad you did in the long run.

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