How To Stop Waking Up With A Blocked Nose Every Morning

Blocked noses are potentially the most annoying thing you can live with. They aren’t life threatening, but they persistently ruin your day. Having a blocked nose can feel like your whole face is stuffed up and swollen. It’s hard to breathe, meaning you have to breathe through your mouth, and you end up with a dry throat. 

Walking around can help you clear your nose, but the biggest issue is that you constantly have a blocked nose when you sleep and wake up. Even if you’re lucky and your nose is clear at bedtime, you always wake up with it feeling dry and stuffy. 

This is a much more common problem than you initially think. There are lots of reasons you could suffer from a constantly blocked nose. Of course, if you are ill, then this post doesn’t apply to you. This post is for everyone who is otherwise healthy, yet still has a blocked nose. 

How can you stop waking up with a stuffed nose every morning? Here are some tips: 

Clean your air ducts

The air ducts in your home might be filled with mold or dust, which is what’s causing your stuffy nose. You see, most people with chronic blocked noses will have an allergic reaction to something in the air. This could be pollen if you have summer allergies, but it could also be mold or dust. So, getting rid of these airborne pollutants can help you clear your sinuses and wake up without a blocked nose for once! 

As it mentions here, cleaning your air ducts is a good way to improve the air quality in your home. You ensure that fresh air is flowing through all of the ducts, so you’re not breathing in loads of dust of mold spores. Within a few days, you should alread see improvements in your sleep. 

Get an air purifier

Likewise, you could get yourself an air purifier to suck out some of the pollutants in the air. If you don’t have an air duct system at home, or you don’t have air conditioning, this is a great option for you. You can pick up an air purifier online with ease, and they aren’t too expensive. But, it is worth remembering that this is an investment in your health. If you’re worried about the price, think about how much of a positive impact this will have on your general wellbeing.

Air purifiers will literally purify the air and remove things like dust particles, mold spores, and everything else that’s bad. This gives you cleaner air to breathe, and it can make an impact almost the first night you use it. You can have it on while you sleep – some people find the noise helps them relax – or just put it on throughout the day. Either way, you should see an impact right away, and your nose will be far less blocked. 

Use nasal sprays

For me, the first two options are your long-term solutions. They will help you see long-term relief from your blocked nose. However, if you want a short-term option to help, then nasal sprays can be useful. You can find two different types of nasal sprays on the market. The first ones are steroid nasal sprays, which are typically used to help treat people with rhinitis. Basically, that’s the issue you have with your nose; rhinitis is when the inner passages get irritated due to allergic reactions, so your nose blocks up. If you go to your doctor complaining of airborne allergies, they are likely to prescribe you with one of these nasal sprays. 

The second type is one that’s used to unblock your nose in a matter of seconds. Again, you can find them online and they don’t need to be prescribed. These sprays help when you’re trying to sleep but your nose is blocked. A few sprays in each nostril and you can breathe easy. Combine either nasal spray with an air purifier and regular duct cleaning, and you will no longer have a blocked nose. 

Of course, read the instructions on the back of the sprays as most will say you shouldn’t use for more than 7 days. Please adhere to this as overuse of nasal sprays can lead to side effects, such as (ironically) a chronic blocked nose!

So, there you have it, this is how you stop waking up with a stuffy nose every morning. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can reverse this problem and enjoy peaceful sleep once more. 

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