5 Slight Ways Of Switching Up Your Style

When people think about ‘switching up their style,’ the very phrase ‘switching up’ can denote a massive overhaul of how we go about wearing clothes and what kind of colors we opt for. In other words, some look for a thorough change. Yet this can sometimes make us think that taking the smaller jumps, which can sometimes seem less significant and worth doing, are less “us” than they deserve to be.

This can mean some people will never try new things despite fashion only ever really serving us as something to experiment with and have fun using. For this reason, sometimes, the most powerful and daring thing you can do is switch up your style just a bit, to take that small step, and to do it consistently so your image is always expressive of how you feel and how you cry.

In this post, we’ll discuss five ‘slight ways’ of switching up your style, then, not so you have to spend on an entirely new wardrobe, but certainly, so that you feel better and more confident in who you are.

Change Color Tones

Small colour tones changes can help you seamlessly and naturally run into season-by-season fashion, something that allows you to make those incremental changes to your wardrobe without having to splash out overly.

Deciding on some of the main colours you’ll design outfits around can help you keep something of a nice consistent theme, structuring a few ‘fits’ with the most unified attention to dressing detail.

You may also find tremendous benefit in dyeing your hair if you find that appropriate, as this can also help you reset your overall style, which helps you enjoy fashion a little more, too. Choosing the right color tone for you shouldn’t be considered a tiresome approach where you have to get the right answer each and every time, but can provide some nice background guidelines you may wish to use in designing your style for the better. It’s quite astonishing just how well that can work.

Think Of Your Seasonal Style

A seasonal style can help you define your dress within certain guidelines, as we briefly mentioned in the first section. More than colours, however, seasonal style can also make certain elements of clothing and layering more or less appropriate. Also, consider accenting your style with cute beaded bracelets, often you only need a slight change to an outfit to transform the way it looks and the way you feel.

Try New Piercings & Accessorizing

It can be healthy to try a new accessory, perhaps a piercing that you find appealing. From Helix Earrings to a simple pair of studs in your lopes, or perhaps accessorizing by wearing a more vintage leather-strap watch than the rose-gold option you had last year, choosing whatever helps you express you for who you are now will make a slight difference but still redefine your outfit.

For some who never wear accessories, simply trying one out anew could be a big step for them. What if you’ve always wanted to wear a given hat, but haven’t felt confident enough to do so? Avoiding that desire to ask for permission and just going for it could truly help you thrive anew, with a more positive outlook going forward. It’s quite amazing to see just how much benefit this has on people, so don’t be afraid to undergo that journey yourself.

Consider Body Art

Consider Body ArtBody art isn’t for everyone, but it might be that having a tattoo retouched, or having your first tattoo developed in the shape of a watercolour hummingbird (something you’ve considered for a while) could be a great way of reconfirming your style yourself. If you’re looking for something smaller and more minimalistic, consider checking out a fine line tattoo shop in San Diego.

Think Of Your Seasonal Style

A seasonal style can help you define your dress within certain guidelines, as we briefly mentioned in the first section. More than colours, however, seasonal style can also make certain elements of clothing and layering more or less appropriate.

It might just be, for instance, that you want to wear denim all summer in the right contexts. That’s fine, investing in a couple jackets and shorts could be a fantastic way to reclaim your style once more, adding a 90s retro touch to it, and perhaps giving you the experimental space to add patches that make a real difference.

In winter, for instance, your main purchase may involve investing in a relatively expensive and functional winter coat that looks great and could last, with good maintenance, for years upon years. Thinking of your seasonal style in this way helps you focus on the right direction, and move forward toward your best goals.

Adjust Your Professional Wardrobe

It’s important to adjust your professional wardrobe from time to time, not in a significant manner, but in a way that helps you feel refined and refreshed, and more in line with modern styles. We’ve all served under managers who wear ill-fitting suits and all-in-ones, and it not only makes them seem dated, but prevents them from feeling new, enthusiastic, and fresh.

It’s nice to avoid this fate by making sure our own professional dress is a good extension of ourselves. This might just involve purchasing a blazer as you go totally trouser-less during a Zoom meeting. That’s fine, keep the camera above the chest and you’ll get away with it – just don’t stand up until the call is over.

When you’re required back into the office then yes, professional shoes, proper trousers, new fitted shirts, and small adornments that help, like a small cravat, or a piece of sensible jewellery, or a means by which you hold your hair can look fantastic and welcoming in the best sense. You’ll likely be surprised as to how engaging and welcoming you can look thanks to your efforts. 

With this advice, you’re sure to switch up your style in the best way and have fun doing that. Remember, you don’t need to be tested on this as if you were solving an academic conundrum, you just need to feel confident and happy in your wardrobe, as well as how it reflects on you.

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