Why You Should Travel To Mallorca

Mallorca is the quintessential holiday destination. Off the coast of Spain, this Balearic island has won many hearts for its spectacular landscapes, dazzling coastline, and rustic living. From beaches to mountains, Mallorca offers a vast selection of things to do, places to visit, and streets to explore. You can indulge in local Mediterranean cuisine, go hiking on the Serra de Tramuntana, or visit the fishing villages that continue to keep the old traditions alive. 

 Whether you’re travelling with family or friends, there is a Mallorca for you. Mallorca offers a landscape that is surrounded by groves of olive and almond trees under clear, blue skies. 

Photo by Fabian Schneidereit on Unsplash

 Here’s why you should travel to Mallorca this summer:

 Secret Coves 

Mallorca is home to some of the most spectacular hidden coves in the world. For instance, at Cala Boquer, a 6.5 km hike can lead to an opening that reveals a view of the Serra de Tramuntana and some crisp water to cool off. If you want crystal clear water and an environment safe for the kids, Cala Mesquida is what you’re looking for. Turquoise waters backed by dunes or lush green mountains under a clear sky will make you feel easily refreshed and recharged. 

 Mouth-watering Mediterranean Flavours 

Food connoisseurs will surely fall in love with Mallorca’s local flavours. From Michelin star restaurants to tapas bars, Mallorca’s food scene is a treat for the senses. Some of the best restaurants on the island can be found in the capital city of Palma like El Pilón and Quina Creu. For authentic Mallorcan food, head to Celler sa Premsa, a former wine cellar now thriving restaurant. Terra is a beautiful, rustic restaurant in Pollensa that belongs to Chef David Rivas, a must-visit in Mallorca. Finish up with some freshly-made sorbet at Sóller’s Sa Fàbrica de Gelats. 

 Private Stays in Majorca Villas

What better than a private villa near the beach in Mallorca? Majorca villas are exceptional because they offer spellbinding views of the Mediterranean and the mountains, private swimming pools, a fully-equipped kitchen, dedicated staff, and ease of access. You get all the comforts of a hotel as well as a boutique villa experience. You can choose from waterfront apartments to standalone beachfront villas. Family-friendly, safe, and well-serviced, Majorca villas are the perfect base to explore the island. 

 A Thriving Capital City 

Palma is the heart of Mallorca as the eclectic capital city with its intriguing old town, access to beaches, the Tren de Soller, and so much more. Some of the must-visit places in Mallorca are the Catedral de Mallorca, Palma Aquarium, and the Belver Castle. Eat your way through Palma’s bustling food scene with favourite haunts like Izakya Mallorca, Botanic, Vandal, etc. By day you will be immersed in the cultural offerings of Palma and at night, you will be hypnotised by its electric nightlife. 

 For The Art Lovers 

There is something about Mallorca that attracted surrealist painter and artist Joan Miró. His adoptive city, Palma, is home to the Fundació Pilar I Joan Miró—a museum dedicated to his art with over 6000 works, his personal book collection, and more. A visit to Palma is enlightening for the art aficionado. You can spend hours browsing his work or having a spot of tea in the sculpture garden. 

 Mallorca is more than just pretty beaches. It is an amalgamation of the old and the modern that influenced many artists like Miró and Antonio Gaudi. The museum of contemporary art is a must-see for art lovers. Mallorca is olive oil tours and authentic wine experiences in the countryside. It is sailing on the Mediterranean and sunbathing in a hidden cove. Mallorca is an experience unlike any other.

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