Why You Should Invest In A Dating Ultrasound

A dating ultrasound is a scan that allows you to learn the age of your pregnancy and find out your due date. It is the most accurate way to determine when you got pregnant and when you’ll give birth. A search for a dating ultrasound scan near me will direct you to the nearest facilities with a dating ultrasound. 

You should invest in a dating ultrasound because it will help determine the baby’s gestational age, the due date, and if you are expecting one or more babies. The scan will also help identify abnormalities and risks, check for conditions like down syndrome, and schedule prenatal care.

Technological advancement has made it possible for you to know what is going on with your pregnancy. Instead of working blindly, doctors schedule a dating ultrasound to help them identify risks, such as placenta previa, early and work on ways to save mother and baby. 

Why Is It Important To Date A Pregnancy Accurately?

Although the last menstrual period (LMP) is still used to estimate gestational age, it is not always accurate. This method assumes that the expectant mother knows the exact dates, yet it is not always the case. Some women do not have a regular cycle, so they may not immediately know they are pregnant. 

It is important to date a pregnancy accurately because it helps doctors plan tests at the right stage of the pregnancy. Elective delivery is only possible if the pregnancy is dated accurately. Errors may result in early birth before fetal lung maturity, increasing risks of respiratory illness. 

The dating ultrasound is important to doctors and expectant mothers. Most women are concerned about the health of their unborn babies. Besides letting them know when to expect to give birth, the dating ultrasound assures them that the fetus is developing correctly. 

How Accurately Can You Date A Pregnancy?

Although the dating ultrasound is pretty accurate, you should go for an ultrasound at the right time. Going too early in your pregnancy may not give you accurate dates, nor will going too late in your pregnancy. Some women start their prenatal in the second trimester. So, there is no set period when a dating ultrasound scan is performed. 

Pregnancy can be dated accurately closer to the 13th week in the first trimester and the 18th-20th week in the second trimester. The third trimester is the least accurate due to limited space. Accuracy in the first and second trimester is +/- 5 days, while the third trimester is +/- 21 to 30 days. 

In the second semester, accurate dating is possible between the 18th and 20th week. Planning for your coming baby will be easier when you get accurate dating from the ultrasound. There is no harm in doing many ultrasounds, but if you cannot afford it or live far from a facility with a dating ultrasound, you can time your scan using the gestational age based on the last menstrual period.

The dating ultrasound scan has become an important part of prenatal care, with doctors recommending one or more, depending on your pregnancy. Without it, you would be ignorant of many things, including your due date.


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