What Home Inspectors Look for In Pool Inspection

A professional pool inspection is necessary before home buyers decide on buying a home that has a pool. The inspection is very important because those repairs get to be made, and any other problem that a pool may have is fixed. If proper pool inspection is not done, it is impossible to detect issues that a pool may have. Before considering your pool safe, make sure you get your pool safety certificates on the Gold Coast. As a homeowner or buyer, you must know what inspectors look for during an inspection. Here is an article to guide you on everything inspectors look for during pool inspection.


The safety of a pool is the first and most important thing that inspectors look at. How do you know that your pool is safe? Your pool is safe if you have considered all the safety measures put in place. Safety aspects to be considered include keeping electrical wires away from the pool and ensuring that the walkaway near the pool is not slippery. These safety measures are a must to follow since any live wire around a pool can cause death due to shock. A slippery walkaway may lead to people falling accidentally into the pool.


Your pool’s interior is another factor that pool inspectors look at. During an inspection, inspectors look at the vinyl liners inside the pool. They check if the liners are still in check or need to be repaired. This is very important since it is costly to repair once the lining is torn. Inspectors also look at the plasters inside the pool. They ensure that the plasters do not have cracks, leading to a severe issue.


Pool lighting is very important, and it is another thing that inspectors look at. Inspectors must make sure that the lights in a pool are functioning. It is important to note that both old-fashioned light bulbs and the new LED lights are okay for use when it comes to light bulbs. Inspectors check if there could be any mold issues. They can also give you advice on the best type of pool lights that fit your pool perfectly.


The good thing about saltwater pools is that they do not require much maintenance. This is because they are luxurious in that the pools have low levels of chlorine that need to be sanitized. Even though minimal maintenance is required for saltwater pools, inspectors need to offer them special attention in case of corrosion.


Even though various pool filters are used, they all have one primary function. This is to clean and sanitize the pool water. Pool filters are essential because your pool can be one big mess without one. Pool filters are another thing inspectors look at to ensure that your pool is always free from unnecessary dirt.


Although pool inspection will cost you, it is worth your money and time. There is no better feeling than the satisfaction that comes after knowing that your pool has been inspected and that it is safe for people to swim in it. Get your pool checked today.

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