Three Different Types of Plumbers in Artarmon

Artarmon is a beautiful little suburb located along Sydney’s Northern coast. It consists of several residential areas, industries, and small businesses. With different localities in the area, plumbing problems are widespread.

Some of the best plumbing companies are located in this suburb, so finding a plumber artarmon is not tricky. They are professional, skilled, and qualified. All plumbers in Australia go through eligibility requirements such as a 4-year apprenticeship program and gaining a licence.

While encountering a plumbing problem, you might not know which plumber to call, right? Here’s a guide to three kinds of plumbers and which one to call for a specific job.

Different Types of Plumbers

Commercial Plumbers

Commercial plumbers are skilled in working in commercial and large-scale public settings such as schools, universities, hospitals, shopping malls, manufacturing plants, factories, or any setting involving sizeable industrial machinery.

The job goes beyond fixing and installing toilets and faucets in the commercial plumbing business. It also involves large-scale waste removal procedures and the installation of water distribution systems for big companies. This generally involves excavating drains and trenches and installing pipelines, which are then connected to the main buildings and the local water supply and sewage.

As part of their service, commercial plumbers conduct regular maintenance and repairs on their installed systems. The servicing rounds are vital as the equipment is expensive and needs constant care. The task of commercial plumbing is much more challenging and risky than residential plumbing.

Residential Plumbers

As the name suggests, residential plumbers deal with residential buildings. The term “residential building” refers to any building not classified as a commercial one.

Residential plumbers are the first professionals you should contact if you need a fix for your home’s pipes or fixtures or clear your home’s drainage system of clogs. You see them on construction sites around your house getting the plumbing job done.

Their job is to make sure that your kitchen, basement, laundry room, bathroom, and toilet taps work perfectly. They also check whether the sewage is flowing toward the septic tank correctly. Furthermore, they have the skills to repair fittings like showers, heating systems, and sinks. They are often considered home-friendly plumbers. Since most residential plumbers work on a small scale, their jobs require less technical skills than those of a commercial plumber.

Sanitary Plumbers

Sanitary issues top the list of plumbing problems in Australia. On a daily basis, people have to deal with clogged toilets and drain blockages.

Plumbing professionals who specialise in sanitary systems are called the “sanitary plumbers.” They are the most common type of plumbers to be hired in a residential setting.

A sanitary plumber typically unblocks and clears obstructions in sanitary systems, instals toilets and bathroom pipes, oversees bathtub and toilet installations and fits suspended drains. They may also install the boilers and heaters in showers and toilets.


Hiring a plumber in Artarmon starts from $70/hour. Plumbing is a diverse field, and hence, the level of expertise required for each type is also different. Therefore, it is evident that you need to look for a commercial, residential, or sanitary plumber based on your needs.

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