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Traveling is an experience to enjoy and remember. While some people travel the world to learn new traditions and languages, others travel to explore landscapes and drink wine. Wine tourism allows you to explore different wines’ histories, aromas, and flavors. We all need a break from work to spend time with people we love. Visiting one of the 10 best wine regions in Europe is an excellent choice to gain an unforgettable wine experience. This will help put your mind in the right place.

Wine tourism is an aspect of food tourism that allows you to appreciate the world of wine. The routes (places) and tours are meant to help you know regions of wine production and get to taste their wines. You can participate in wine tasting guided tours via the vineyards and wineries during wine tourism.

As a wine lover, wine tourism allows you to immerse yourself in wine and make the most of every experience. While on wine tours, wineries will show you different kinds of wine. This helps you relate to the history and traditions of the place.

Exploring the world of wine

Some countries have excellent systems in place for wine tourists. They organize Wine Routes so that tourists and wine lovers can visit vineyards, wineries, restaurants, and historical settings. Countries such as South Africa, Chile, Italy, France, and Portugal are countries that receive such visitors.

The world of wine can be grouped into “Old World” and “New World”. Wine-producing countries in Europe are classified into the Old World. Tourists learn more about a wine’s history, production methods, and ancient traditions in the Old World.

On the other hand, the New World comprises non-European countries where wine cultivation, history, and culture are recent. Europeans introduced many countries of the New World to wine cultivation. This is one of the reasons they are called the “New World.” In these countries, the grapes and technology are top-notch. Their flexible winemaking practices are also outstanding. This does not imply that the Old World regions do not utilize top-notch techniques. Also, it does not mean artisanal and traditional methods are lacking in New World regions.

Popular wine routes in the world

Below are some of the most famous wine routes in the world:

● Casablanca, Colchagua and Maipo, Chile

● Rioja, Spain

● Kakheti, Georgia

● Bordeaux and Champagne, France

● Yarra and Barrosa, Australia

● Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, South Africa

● Vinhedos Valley, Gaúcha Mountain Range, Brazil

● Douro and Alentejo, Portugal

● Mendoza and Salta, Argentina

● Tuscany and Piedmont, Italy

● Santorini, Greece

● Napa Valley, United States

● Eger, Hungary

● Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Rheinhessen and Pfalz, Germany

Wine Tourism Experiences

There are lots of ways you can discover and explore excellent wine-producing regions. Some experiences, such as tours to wineries and tasting sessions, are splendid and mandatory. But there are more possibilities to this. Choosing exclusive and customized tours is an exciting way to learn about all the stages of wine production, from cultivating the grapes to selling the wine.

Keep reading to discover 7 wine tourism experiences you will enjoy.

1. Guided visits to wineries and wine cellars

These are often the basics of any journey to a wine-producing country. Knowing how a winery works is the first step to exploring this world. In this wine tourism experience, the tour guide (an instructor) leads the tourists, showing them the production stages, from planting to packaging.

2. Wine Museums

Some countries have particular places where tourists can learn the history of their wine production. In such museums, expect to see permanent or traveling exhibitions that teach more about the traditions and methods of production.

3. Immersive experiences

Some regions may allow wine tourists to partake in and revive old traditions during the grape harvest season. You can get your hands dirty and tread the grape as a tourist. You can also dance to music and pick grapes from the vineyard.

4. Tasting sessions

This is the chance you get to taste local wines. In an orderly manner, several labels are given in small quantities. In some instances, tastings are already added to the guided tours.

5. Grape festivals

Grape festivals are events organized to celebrate wine culture. They include musical performances, label sales, and workshops in most scenarios. Before making your trip, it is good to look through the local festivities calendar.

6. Courses and workshops

In this wine tourism experience, some wineries offer workshops on terroir, planting, and harmonization for people interested in going deep into the world of wine. Often, you’ll need to register in advance to participate.

7. Gastronomic experiences You don’t have to leave some wineries to have a complete gastronomic experience. Before planning your trip, look for the tendency to sample tasting menus, go for picnics, or even participate in cooking workshops.


You need to plan, prepare, and go for wine tours as a wine lover. You don’t have to bury your head under your work desk anymore. Go out there. Explore different wines—their history and culture, and learn new languages. Have fun!

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