Everything You Ought to Do When You Move to a New House

Moving into a new house involves a mixture of emotions. On the one end, you are excited to make new memories. On the other, the mountains of things you need to keep in mind are debilitating. Extensive preparation is necessary to ensure that your new house is comfortable enough to call home. You wouldn’t want your move-in day to be a total bust because you left out some things on your preparation checklist. Here are some things that need to be on your to-do list before moving to your new house:


The former occupants or developer may not have had child safety when constructing the home. A beautiful home can quickly become a danger zone for your kids and pets if you do not childproof. Do some childproofing before your kids move into the house. Have child-free zones where you can store all the packing material and equipment that need to be out of reach of the children. The box cutters, glassware, and cleaning supplies need to be inaccessible for the kids and pets. Put all the electrical cords out of reach and ensure that all the windows are locked. You do not want your pet to fall out of them.

Set up the necessary utilities

You do not want to move into a house without electricity, water, and internet connection. Lack of utilities can dampen the vibe of even the most architectural savvy home. Be sure to check on the utilities before moving day. Ensure that water, gas, heating and cooling, phone, electricity, and internet are okay. Stay on top of a garbage pick-up so that you do not have issues with waste management in your new home.

Deep clean

You do not want to deal with cleaning when you have boxes all over the house. You want to do a thorough deep clean of your new home before moving in your items. Get some gloves and cleaning supplies and clean out your home so that it can be spick and span when you move in.

You do not need to handle the cleaning yourself if you don’t want to or don’t have the time. You can hire professional cleaners to ease off the load from your hands.

Pest proof the home

You do not want to deal with creepy crawlies in your new home. Pest proofing your home before moving in assures that you won’t have to deal with mice, termites, roaches, etc. Eliminate all entry points and remove anything that could attract the pests. Reinforce any existing barriers. That way, bugs, and mice do not have a way into your home. Seal all holes, cracks, and crevices that could allow entry. You can use caulking, metal sheeting, or wire mesh. That’s why the professionals at Terminix pest control recommend hiring a reliable service provider to fumigate your home before bringing your possessions. They will also give you an insight into how to keep the pests off your property.

Schedule inspections and home improvement

Repairs are typical when moving into a new home. You want to schedule an inspection to assess the things that will need repairs. Repairs and home improvements are inevitable but are less stressful when you do them before moving to the house. If you are working with a lean budget, start with items that require more priority, like plumbing and electrical repairs. After, you can go to aesthetic home improvements. Scheduling these in advance lessens the stress on move day.

Change locks

It is unsettling to know that a stranger may have access to your home. Consider changing the locks and doors soon after closing on the house. You can install the locks yourself or hire a skilled locksmith to help you. Getting new locks gives you peace of mind and makes the new home feel like your place.

Set up the security

Feeling safe in your home goes far beyond installing new locks. You want to feel secure in your new home. One way you can do that is by installing security systems. Put in place motion sensors and smart doorbells. Look into other home security tools and options available.

Find local businesses

You will need new places to source your necessities. Researching businesses in the new area will make life easier when you start living in your new home. Explore the locality and identify the grocery store, hospitals, hairdressers, and other services you might need when you start living there.

Wrapping up

It is easier to settle in and savour your new home when all the necessary things are in check. So, take time to ensure you have done the right checks to make your transition to your new home easier!

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