Chic Paint Colors to Make Your Living Room More Inviting

Looking for design inspirations for the living room in your new home? Or planning to give your old living room a whole new look? Then you should not forget about the paint color that you should use.

The color of your living room can play a huge part in how it will turn out: whether it be an inviting, relaxing, and cozy place, or whether it will feel gloomy or off-putting. You should spend some time in thinking about what house or condo color schemes you’ll follow in order for not only the living room, but your entire home, to be welcoming.

To help you decide, here are some chic paint colors that you should try in order to make your living room more inviting:

1. White

On top of the list of colors that you can use for your living room is white. Not surprising, but white can be very neat, but at the same time elegant. White can also help bring the focus out of your living room walls but into the furniture and other decorative pieces that your living room may have.

White can also help make a small space such as a condo appear a bit bigger. Further, a white living room opens up a lot of opportunities on what kind of furniture and décor to use as it is very easy to match white with other colors.

2. Cream

If white can be a little too bright for you, then you can consider going for a friendlier color such as cream. Cream is something that was made popular around the 80s, making your room feel a bit older, appealing very well to nostalgia.

If you plan to go futuristic, a cream living room won’t really clash with more modern décor. Just make sure that you test out your design first if they’re really compatible.

3. Gray

Other than white, a safe color for your home is gray. Gray is considered a neutral color and has enough compatibility with a number of other colors that you may end up choosing for your furniture and fixtures. There are also a variety of gray tones, ranging from cool to warm, giving you decent flexibility depending on the theme that you have in mind.

4. Chocolate Brown

While some may consider dark hues such as chocolate brown to be a bit risky choice, they can actually be made to make your living room quite inviting. If you feel that your living room is on the larger side, making use of chocolate brown can make it a bit smaller, and more inviting.

Chocolate brown works well together with metallic accents so that you will have a bit of a glow to counter the darkness of chocolate brown. You should also make use of pale color options in other parts of the living room such as the floor, or the carpet.

5. Blue

Another paint color that you can consider is blue – either soft, powdery blue, or deep blue. Both shades can make your living cozier either by giving the feel of the sea or of the sky. Blue can be very calming, perfect for your living room.

6. Green

Finally, you should consider making use of green to embody a sense of nature. Green can be really relaxing, something that you would want to achieve for your living room.

Use the power of colors to make your living room more welcoming

There are many other colors that you can explore to try to make your living room more inviting. If you are in a cool place, going for warmer colors may be very helpful. It really is a matter of finding the color scheme that you can commit to, and one that will make you happy. Continue exploring and find the right living room paint color for you!

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