Best Kitchen Cabinet Designs and Colors for 2022

Gray is the go-to color of 2022. And, and if you live in Kent you are in luck as kitchen fitters in Kent have everything you need. After a long winter indoors the kitchen cabinet trend for 2022 takes us back to nature with silvery gray, greens.

Installing a New Kitchen

The kitchen fitters in Essex have noticed a new trend emerging for Periwinkle Blue that will go well with the neutral tones and warm up a kitchen that is predominantly gray in color. When designing your new kitchen try to keep it compact with a bench, cooker, and sink within arms reach set-up for easy food preparation. When you look for a gray layout there are so many shades of gray available, and you might consider some cool lighter grays to create a feeling of luxury for your new wall of cabinets, and under-counter cabinets as well.

Stainless Steel Appliances

When your new cooker, refrigerator, and dishwasher are stainless steel, a lighter gray will balance it out. Metallic hardware with gray cabinets creates a sense of luxury. Keep the floor tiles slightly darker to set the space off perfectly, a wooden floor is also a good choice, making the area easy to clean. Every few years our kitchens need a total refresh and this is the perfect time to have a new one installed. Even the new coffee machine is stainless steel, so easy to keep clean.

Countertop and no Handles

Don’t ignore the countertops in a lovely creamy gray marble that is long-lasting and so easy to clean. marble is always cool, perfect for making pastry on. If you have the space consider two island benches, one for food preparation, and the other one with a sink for washing up, this allows you to move effortlessly between the two zones without the usual contamination concerns when preparing food.

Cabinets don’t have handles anymore, but open with a touch, making cleaning so easy.

Having the gray theme, makes the space look lighter and brings the outside in, green and grey seem to truly compliment one another.

Your downlights will be expertly installed, or a track designed by an electrician to add extra light to your food preparation area.

In the kitchen, bright light is essential to illuminate your work area especially when you are dicing and chopping fine ingredients.

Visit the Showroom

The kitchen fitter in Essex understands that you visit the showroom to gain inspiration, and you won’t be disappointed by the visit. If you haven’t changed your kitchen for a while you will need some help to pull your design together, and the new emerging trends will surprise you. In the showroom, you will be able to firm up your color scheme and chose the types of appliances that you want to install. The design will depend on the space you have available, and if you are lucky enough to have a lot of room use it. You can put in a new breakfast nook or a pantry.


Your new kitchen is an exciting project for the whole family, and when summer comes you will be able to enjoy your lovely light-filled space.

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