8 Essentials for Holiday Trips in Post-Covid World

While international trips still have some uncertainty, local travel, especially road trips, has become a possibility for many. Besides local trips being health-wise safer in the post-covid world, they are also cost-efficient and can be executed without wasting days in quarantine. Road trips ensure you don’t have to stay for longer than you have planned, and you can make it home whenever it is feasible for you. In short, the sudden rise in coronavirus cases and flight or hotel cancellations won’t impact your trip. 

Moreover, there is no better time than the end of summer to schedule a trip. The slightly chilly air with the sun shining in the sky makes road trips extra special. But no matter when you go on a road trip, the post-covid world has some new requirements for travellers. Let’s look at the travel essentials you need for a road trip in the post-covid world. 


While documents are more important for foreign trips, the pandemic has made them essential for road trips. In the post covid world, vaccine certificates and health insurance are the travel essentials you cannot do without. Carrying these documents with you is a necessity. If you have recently tested negative for covid during regular medical examination, carrying the negative covid report with you might also be helpful.

Extra Cash

The uncertainty with the coronavirus can leave one helpless at times. During travel, this helplessness may be more inconvenient. However, preparing for any emergency can make life convenient again. Carrying cash can make your life easy at places with no card service or in cases of emergencies. The knowledge that you have enough cash to survive no matter where you are on the continent will also bring you peace of mind and make your road trip all the better. 

Refillable Water Bottles

While carrying a refillable water bottle is vital for daily travels, they have also become travel essentials for road trips in the post covid world. Besides saving a lot of money and being good for the environment, refillable water bottles also minimise catching covid. Refilling water bottles before leaving home and holiday spots allows you to minimise your contact with goods at fuel stations along the road. 

Updated First-Aid Kit

First aid has been a travel essential for as long as it has been founded. However, the post-covid world requires an updated version of the first aid box. You need to fit enough spare face masks and disposable drugs in your updated version. A large bottle of hand sanitiser and all-surface disinfectant also make valuable additions to the first aid box. Keeping OTC medicines for common flu and cold will also help alleviate the needless fear of catching the coronavirus. 

Power Banks

Power banks have been travel essentials for at least a decade now. However, their importance during post-covid road trips has increased even more. 

Prescribed Medicines with their Prescriptions

Planning the road trip at least a couple of days in advance will also give you enough time to purchase any permanent medication you or your trip companions might need. In the post-covid world, there can be uncertainties of border restrictions or new laws for entering and exiting a place. Keeping extras of prescribed medicines make it easier in cases of uncertainties. 

Moreover, keeping the prescriptions with the medicines also helps explain the case at check posts. Prescriptions also allow acquiring more medicines if needed. 

Laundry Bag 

A separate laundry bag is another travel essential in the post covid world. A separate laundry bag allows you to store used clothing away from your clean clothes. This way minimises your chances of catching covid by improving your hygiene. Taking a shower regularly on the trip and changing into fresh, clean clothes every day can significantly improve your hygiene and the safety of your health. 

Comfortable Car

No road trip can be fun in an inefficient and uncomfortable car. If you don’t have a road trip-friendly car, you can rent a car for the trip. However, investing in a road trip-friendly car, such as Skoda Kodiaq, can be a wise decision. In the post covid world where international travel doesn’t come without the risk of extended days and extra expenditure, regular road trips are the best escape for the travel enthusiast. A seven-seater car like Skoda Kodiaq makes road trips comfortable with ample seating and storage space. 


Finally, don’t forget to stay updated on the pandemic news even during the road trip. Keeping up to date on pandemic news will help you navigate an emergency more efficiently and effectively.

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