6 Tips for Having a Stress-free Move

They say moving to a new house is your chance at starting a new life. It’s why the moving process should be as stress-free as possible. You wouldn’t want to begin a new life in your new home all stressed out from the move.  If you’ve never moved before, there could be a lot of things you haven’t even thought about, from car shipping to moving your pets.

The key to a successful, stress-free move is preparation and lots of it. You need to accomplish many things, from packing your belongings to hiring movers and auto transport companies. Below are a few tips you may follow to achieve a stress-free move.

1. Begin Planning ASAP

Planning your move as early as possible is crucial for a stress-free move. Transferring to another place is a decision you don’t make overnight. You have already finalized your decision to move at least several months before the moving date. You should have enough time to plan your move.

Write down all the things you need to do as part of the move and rank them based on priority. Create a checklist using this ranking with the highest priority activities on top of the list. You can make the traditional pen and paper checklist or use a mobile app or online tool.

When prioritizing tasks, ensure that you give time-sensitive ones an utmost priority. Your new home should be ready before your moving day. You don’t want to arrive there with workers still finishing up and utilities yet to be installed. Scheduling the disconnection of utilities at your old house should also be done before the move, so you won’t need to return.

2. Make Your Bookings in Advance

Another high-priority task on your plate is booking your service providers. Start looking for moving companies and car shippers as soon as you’ve set your moving day. Meet with several

companies to compare multiple price quotes. Be sure to work only with reputable companies and consider the price and the quality of their services.

Booking your service providers early lets you get the date you want and the best deal available. If you fail to book early, there’s a chance that you’d have to reschedule everything, especially during peak season. Do everything you can to avoid this scenario.

Another thing you need to book in advance is the utility installation at your new house. Finish all construction work before moving in. Be sure to complete all utility installations a few days earlier. You may need to go there to see that everything’s on schedule.

3. Get Moving Insurance

The basic premise of moving is transporting your belongings from your old place to your new home safely and securely. Thus, one of the biggest sources of stress from moving is getting your things lost, stolen, or damaged.

Regardless of how reputable your moving company is, there’s always the possibility of the unexpected happening. You can address these threats by getting moving insurance. With moving insurance, you’ll have the peace of mind that your belongings, particularly valuable items, are protected.

4. Update Your Information and Secure Your Documents

Part of moving to another city or state is doing paperwork. You need to update your address on important documents like vehicle registration and driver’s license. You don’t want to move and not be able to drive your car in your new city because you forgot to update your information.

Aside from updates, you also need to secure your important documents before moving. Request for copies of your medical and dental records from your current health providers so you can hand

them over to your new providers. You can also request your children’s school to forward their records to their new school.

5. Don’t Drive Your Car, Ship It

Don’t stress yourself out by driving your car for hundreds of miles across state lines. Transport it using a car shipping company while you comfortably fly to your new place. Remove all your personal belongings from the vehicle before dropping it off for shipping. The insurance does not cover valuables inside the car.

6. Pack Intelligently

You can start packing as soon as you finish planning. Make sure you have more than enough packing materials before you begin. Sort out items you won’t be using before the move, such as collectibles, decors, and seasonal clothing.

Don’t just randomly pack your belongings. Organize them by room, category, and size. Disassemble large items so they don’t take up too much space. Use large boxes for lighter items and small boxes for heavier stuff to help movers carry them more easily.

Remember to mark these boxes with your name so they don’t end up misplaced or mixed with other people’s belongings if the mover uses a single large truck for multiple clients.


Start your new life in another place stress-free by making the proper preparations for your move. Start early, pack efficiently, and secure everything you need to make the moving process an enjoyable one.

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