5 Ideas for a Unique Birthday Celebration

Traditional birthdays include cake, candles, ice cream, and maybe a special meal out.

All these are nice ways to celebrate. But sometimes, you want to do something out of the ordinary.

Maybe this is an extra-special birthday for an extra-special person. You want to surprise and delight them.

Or maybe you want to impress someone you’ve just met or let someone know how you feel about them.

We can help! Below we’ve got five ideas for unique birthday celebrations your friends, loved ones, kids, or clients will love—and remember for a long time!

1. Plan a Video Tribute

Help your birthday person feel extra special by asking friends and family to contribute.

Ask them to video themselves wishing this person a happy birthday, and encourage them to include statements about what they think is special about this person. Then you have two options:

  • Edit the videos together into one big movie and send it on that special day
  • Get together over dinner to share the videos with a small group of friends

Your birthday person won’t be able to help feeling extra special!

2. Hunt for Treasure!

Whether you’re planning a birthday for a youngster or someone young at heart, this idea will provide a lot of fun. Plant clues throughout the house or yard, then hide the wrapped birthday present as the “treasure” for the final destination.

Feel free to include some challenges along the way. Maybe your hunter needs to solve a puzzle, lift some weights, figure out a riddle, or overcome an obstacle course to get to the next step.

Add some humor by using jokes and rhyming words in your clues, or plant smaller gifts along the way that will make your guest of honor laugh.

You can also hide clues around town if you like—at parks, libraries (stashed in a certain book), or bus stops. Make the clue something in a restaurant menu, or require your birthday person to gather certain things from around town like a selfie in front of a statue or a soda pop from a specific convenience store. Use your imagination to make it fun!

3. Host a Tasting

For your adult birthday friends, consider hosting a tasting party. Have everyone bring a unique food or drink to share—the more exotic, the better. Or you can send out a list of your guest of honor’s favorite foods, and ask the other guests to bring one of these.

When setting up your table to hold all these tasty goodies, consider adding a pretty fruit bouquet to the center. It livens up the display and people can taste it too! For a limited time, you can get free delivery of Edible Arrangements treats. They have many options to choose from, including fruit bouquets, sweet platters, chocolate-covered strawberries, and more.

If your birthday person loves wine, you may also want to look into booking a wine tasting tour. These can be fancy and a lot of fun, featuring a picturesque tour around a pretty area as well as the chance to try different flavors of wine.

4. Backyard Movie Theater

If the weather is nice, a backyard movie can be a fun and unique experience—the perfect way to get people together for a birthday celebration. Projectors are fairly affordable now and can transform any outdoor space into a movie theater.

This projector, for instance, had built-in WiFi technology that allows you to sync your phone with the projector to stream any movie you like. It has a built-in stereo surround speaker as well as an extra Bluetooth function to connect with your additional speakers or headphones if you are using them. Or you can try this one, which comes with a 100” projector screen included.

Then plan for pizza or a barbeque and ask everyone to bring chairs and blankets. Pop the popcorn and enjoy!

5. Solve a Mystery!

Murder mystery evenings are making a comeback across the country. And why not? They’re a lot of fun. Some cities now host these events for you. But you can create your own too. Purchase a box set and invite your friends and family, or if you’re just itching to tell a story, start from scratch and make it yourself.

For guidelines on how to host your own murder mystery party, MastersofMystery.com and MyMysteryParty.com have step-by-step instructions for you. You can also find free murder mystery games online that you can use, like this one from whodunitmysteries.com, or this one from freeformgames.com. Don’t be surprised if once you do one, you’ll want to host more!

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