Things To Consider Before Starting Paint Job at Your House

Painting is the best way to transform the visual appeal of the house. Remodeling can be time-consuming and expensive at the time. Applying a fresh coat creates an instant impact and adds a different vibe to the place. But deciding on the procedure and things like the colour scheme, surface preparation, kind of finish and so on can be daunting.

Therefore, here’s an article for you that talks about things that you must consider before starting a painting job at your house:

Choosing the colour scheme The colour scheme of your house is an extension of your personality, and deciding on the perfect colour scheme can be daunting. That is because of the wide range of options available in the market. Always select the colour palette that creates an illusion of bigger space. Colours like white, light blue, lemon yellow, peach pink, and so on help in reflecting light which makes a home look spacious.

Professional help or DIY

Deciding whether to take professional help or DIY is the next thing you must consider. This decision highly depends on factors like how huge is your home and the current state of the paint. Hiring a painting contractor can be a better option, as they can get it done quickly and in your budget. Whereas DIY can turn out to be an expensive affair if you make any mistake.

Cover the furniture and the floor

Once you have decided on the colour palette and purchased all the necessary supplies, the next step is to cover the furniture and the floor. You must use newspaper or dry clothes to cover the flooring and the furnishing to protect the material from paint. Sometimes it is impossible to clean the paint droplets and the stain remains for a while.

Prepare the wall

Make sure that the professional scrape off the dirt, mildew, grime and chalky residues from the wall. This will allow the paint to stick properly on the wall. Before starting the paint job, you must get the nails removed and nail holes filled using putty.

Right tools Using the right tools for painting your walls is significant. These tools need not be expensive but must serve the purpose properly. Use brushes that don’t leave stroke marks after the job is done. Do your research on the paintbrushes and paint rollers for better results.

Application of the second coat

Application of the second coat provides protection, durability, washability, and helps in laying out the accurate colour of the paint. Professionals generally recommend applying two coats and therefore, if

you hire a professional to do the job, make sure you discuss the pricing estimate for the two coats of paint.


The wall is exposed to elements and requires regular maintenance. You can use pressure washing for cleaning and maintenance of the paint. House paint prevent the wall from rotting and acts as a protecting layer against moulds. Repainting your house adds a new vibe to the place and also repair the damages which are caused due to harsh climate and UV rays. Always choose high-quality paints, primer and caulk. High-quality paints come with a longer warranty and are durable.

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