Keep Pesky Pests Out of Your House

Pests are more than nuisances that disrupt the peace in your home sweet home. They’re destructive. Mice love paper products, which means an infestation could chew away at those cardboard boxes filled with precious family photos and important documents in your basement. Carpet beetles will nibble holes in your rugs, and moths will eat at your clothes hanging in the closet. Termites can do thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home’s wooden frame, leaving piles of little wood pellets on the ground.

They can be hazardous, too. Many pests will try to access your food supplies and defile the contents. Their excrement can contaminate your foods and the surfaces that you touch, which can make you seriously sick.

You don’t want to have pests in your house. So, see what homeowners can do to eliminate pests from their homes and keep them out for good:

Signs of Pest Infestation

Do you have a pest problem? If you’re not sure, look for these clear signs that your home is being invaded by critters or creepy crawlies: ·

Property destruction: carpet beetles leave holes in carpets; rats gnaw on electrical wires; termites leave holes in walls and cause sagging floors.

· Foul smells: mice and rats smell like urine; cockroaches have an oily odor; bed bugs may smell sickly sweet.

· Noises: squeaking, skittering and scratching can all be signs of rodent infestation.

· Excrement: termites leave wood pellets behind; rodents leave solid droppings; many insects leave small droppings that you might not notice at first glance.

· Nests: critters like squirrels, mice and rats make nests out of items like shredded paper, insulation and garbage.

· Mess: pests will often make your home messier, dragging garbage behind your furniture and leaving trails of grease and grime on your floors and walls.

Finally, a clear sign that you have an infestation is that you’ve spotted live pests in your home. Even if you’ve spotted one or two pests, you can assume that the real numbers are much higher — and those numbers will keep growing if you do nothing about it.

What Should You Do?

If it looks like an infestation, then you should call pest control. The faster that you call them, the faster that you can keep your home intact.

What if you can’t afford pest control services? Unfortunately, pests won’t pause their destruction until you can scrape up enough savings to get rid of them. You should still hire pest control. If you don’t have the savings, there are different kinds of options available for people in this type of situation, like applying for a personal loan by phone. As long as you meet all of the qualifications for the loan, you can apply for it. You’ll get a quick response regarding your approval. If you’re approved, you can use the borrowed funds to cover the emergency expense and move forward.

How Do You Keep Them Out?

Here are some steps that homeowners can take to avoid pest infestations from taking place:

· Seal cracks and vulnerabilities in the foundation.

· Repair torn screens in windows and screen doors. · Repair leaky faucets and dripping pipes. Many pests are drawn to damp environments.

· Use a dehumidifier in the basement. · Clean out your gutters. Messy gutters make for convenient nesting grounds.

· Keep your home clean.

· Store garbage bins away from the house.

· Store food safely and securely — this includes pet food. Don’t leave it out in the open.

You don’t want to deal with a pest infestation. So, follow these simple tips to keep those pesky pests out of your home.

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