How to Get an ESA Letter from a Licensed Professional

Most people consider their pets part of their family and for a good reason. They offer you unconditional love, comfort, and support, and all they ask is for you to take care of them in return. That is why it can be heartbreaking when there are pet restrictions when you apply for housing, and you can’t bring them with you.

But, what if you need your pet for your mental and emotional well-being? How can you bring them in if your landlord doesn’t allow pets? Well, you get an ESA letter for housing. And in this article, you will learn all about them and how to get one if needed.

What Is An ESA Letter For Housing?

Not all landlords accept pets on their premises. But with an ESA letter, they will have to. An ESA letter is proof that you have been diagnosed by a licensed professional with a mental or emotional disability. It also states that an emotional support animal can help with your treatment, meaning you can use it as a valid reason to bring your pet home with you.

Who Can Write an ESA Letter?

Mental and emotional disabilities are just like any other physical disability. That is why the law requires landlords to accommodate people with ESA’s. But to get the benefit of the law, you will need to have proof with the help of an ESA letter.

Only licensed medical health professionals (LMHP) can write ESA letters. Below are some of them:

● Licensed Counselor

● Licensed Social Worker

● Physician

● Psychiatrist

● Licensed Therapist

Getting your ESA Letter

Having read all that, you might be thinking about the difficulty of getting an ESA letter. Fortunately, the process of getting one is simple.

Step 1: Choose Your Provider

There are a handful of ESA letter providers online. But before you pick the first link on your search results, it’s essential to look at the others first. So you can compare their offers and choose the best one that fits your circumstances and budget.

But, what is essential is that you choose one that will help you attend a telehealth consultation by a licensed mental health professional. It’s a requirement for your ESA letter’s legitimacy.

Companies that give you ESA letters based on the results of online quizzes are not legit. So stay clear from those.

Step 2: Schedule A Visit in Person or Online

Once you have chosen a provider, the next step is to schedule a visit in person or online. Typically, you would only need a live evaluation. But some providers require you to go through a pre-screening process like a quiz.

It’s an extra step, sure. But it will save you money and time if you can’t qualify for one.

Step 3: Talk to Your Licensed Medical Health Professional

After you have scheduled your visit and passed the pre-screening process, the next thing to do will be to have an open conversation with your licensed medical health professional. Don’t be afraid to talk about your problems and mental and emotional disabilities.

During the interview, your LMHP will determine the seriousness of your disability. After that, it’s up to them if you qualify to have an emotional support animal.

Step 4: Receive the ESA Letter

If you are eligible, your LMHP will write and sign your ESA letter. Usually after your evaluation.

After receiving the letter, thoroughly check if everything is correct, like the providers’ letterhead and license number.


If you need an emotional support animal to help with your disability, you know how essential an ESA letter is for housing. But the burden is on you to prove to your landlord that your pet is an ESA. So if you know anyone who doesn’t know how to get an ESA letter, share this article with them. Who knows, you may be the first one to help them.

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