7 Baby Bath Must-Have Essentials for Your Newborn

Your baby will be ready for their first bath after their umbilical cord has fallen off. For the boys, if you choose to have them circumcised at birth, it would be best to wait till the circumcision site has fully healed. Ideally, bath time is closely followed by a nap, so making this process as soothing and relaxing as possible is essential. You don’t have to wash your young one every day as thrice every week will suffice. Here are a few must-haves during bath time for your newborn.

Cotton washcloth

It is essential to clean inside all the folds and rolls on your baby’s skin when washing your baby. A soft, cotton washcloth will help you scrub your baby down without hurting them. You could use whatever you have around the house, provided pure cotton.

Baby bathtub

From the time your baby is a newborn up until they can use the shower, you will need to get a baby bathtub. This tub shouldn’t be flat and should be at an angle with a non-slip surface and little safety posts to keep your baby from slipping under the water and possibly drowning. You must never leave a baby in a bathtub unattended.

Baby shampoo

You might find that a bit of soap will find its way into your baby’s eyes while you wash their head. To prevent your newborn’s eyes from becoming irritated or watery, we recommend using tear free baby shampoo. These shampoos balance the natural moisture of your young one’s hair and contain no synthetic fragrances.

Soft hairbrush

Newborn babies are born with scaly patches on their scalp, known as cradle caps. You don’t have to worry if your baby has a cradle cap as it is regular. To get rid of it, use a baby hairbrush with soft bristles every day as you shampoo their head until the scalp is clear.

Unscented moisturizer

You must restore moisture to your newborn skin after they are done taking a bath. Though baby shampoos are mild and gentle on their skin, you will still need to apply a moisturizer to prevent dry and flaky skin. Ensure that the moisturizer you buy is unscented to avoid irritating their skin or causing allergies.

Bath toys

Not all babies enjoy getting wet and will throw a massive tantrum when you put them in their tub. An effective way to lure them in for a bath is to use bath toys. Opt for toys with bright colors and exciting shapes to stimulate their senses and make them look forward to taking a bath.

Hooded towel

While a regular towel is good enough, a hooded towel will keep their tiny heads warm after you have gotten them out of their tub. Ensure you get a hooded towel that is perfectly sized for their height so that every inch of their bodies is covered. It would be best to buy one that is pure cotton.

Wrapping Up

Ensure you start with wiping your young one’s face before you proceed to wash their body. Please don’t forget to clean their ears with a damp washcloth and dry in between their toes. Dress them up in warm and comfortable clothes and rock them to sleep.

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