5 Simple Tree Care And Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Trees Healthy

Trees might grow naturally and with the help of the elements and soil, there are some things that

we can do to help keep them looking healthy. So, here are five tips from tree surgeons in Danbury to help you take care of your trees.

1. Water them while they are young

A tree will need plenty of water at two points in its life and this is when there is a drought and

when the tree is young.

After planting, the two seasons that follow are vital to the health of the tree. If the weather is dry,

then you should look to give it around 5 watering cans a week. This will ensure that the water

reaches deep into the roots.

2. Use Mulch

If you opt to use a mulch that is made of leaf mould, bark, rotted manure and woodchip, it will

help to take care of your tree. This will help to kill weeds that would otherwise take water from

the tree. It will also help to retain water as it will prevent evaporation while it will also provide a

slow-release fertiliser that will help to feed the tree.

The mulch should be around 4 inches deep and placed around the tree although you should make

sure that the mulch does not touch the tree stem.

3. Reduce Growth Competition

Plants will compete for nutrients in the soil and when your soil is overcrowded, it will mean that

your trees will suffer. Therefore, you should look to ensure that there is a 3ft diameter around the

trunk of your tree, making sure there are no other plants or turf. During the Spring when

everything begins to grow, you should remove weeds by hand or by using a hoe. This will help to

protect your trees and help them to thrive.

4. Look After Young Trees

When you plant a young tree, you will need to make sure that you protect it correctly. This will

mean that you should avoid causing damage when using lawnmowers and strimmers as this can

stop the uptake of water. Avoid causing chemical damage by stopping or reducing the use of

herbicides and pesticides.

If your garden is exposed to wind, then you should also make sure that you strengthen the tree as bending and stress can kill young trees. You should use protectors and tree boards to create a physical barrier while tree stakes and ties can help to keep your tree free from damage. 5. Pruning Pruning is crucial and this is where it might be worth calling on professional tree surgeons. This will mean that any dead branches are removed which helps the tree to thrive. It will also keep the tree size more manageable and that can help to enhance its growth. So, while trees can take care of themselves, there are some things that you can do to help them grow and thrive. They are easy tips that you can carry out yourself but make sure that any pruning or cutting is carried out professionally.

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