How Many Newborn Baby Boy Clothes Do You Need?

Whether you are preparing a gift registry or shopping on your own, making sure that you have enough baby clothes is essential. A naked baby might be cute, but they can’t be naked forever.

Do you or a loved one have a baby on the way and are trying to figure out how many newborn baby boy clothes are necessary? Buying baby clothes is an exciting way to prepare for the arrival, and we’ll go over the details here.

Newborn Baby Boy Clothes

The baby boy is on the way, and his closet needs to be filled before he arrives. Newborn clothes come in all colors, prints, and sizes. So, whatever your style and whatever his size, you can be ready to dress him up to look cute and be comfy and warm.

As your baby grows in your tummy your doctor can estimate their birthweight which is a good start point as to how big they’ll be. Despite what the tag might say, not every baby is going to fit in newborn clothes.

Laundry Day

One major deciding factor for many parents when purchasing clothes for their children is how often will you do laundry. And, let’s be realistic here, no new parent is going to do laundry every single day.

Shoot for once a week, that seems pretty reasonable. So, if you change your baby minimal of once a day due to bathtime, or getting milk or other things on their clothes that is two outfits per day.

Two outfits per day times 7 days in the week, we are looking at a minimum of 14 outfits. For those who want their child to wear a wider variety of outfits, that bumps up the number even higher.

Always Pack an Emergency Change of Clothes

Every parent knows that accidents do happen, and they are never at a convenient time. If you are becoming a parent for the very first time you will soon find out what this means.

Babies have no control of their bodily fluids and therefore are unpredictable as to when they will make a mess. The mess might be minor as a small spot on their shirt, or as major as needing an entire outfit change.

The Changing of the Seasons

Depending on what time of year your baby is born, and how close it is until the next season, you will have to accommodate for weather and temperature fluctuations.

For instance, if your due date is in late summer you will want to have short-sleeved shirts, and possibly some shorts. But the next size up should be long sleeves and longer-length pants.

If you live in an area where it is warm during the day, but cooler at night you’ll need a mixed wardrobe. The same goes for those with busy lifestyles where the baby will be in and out of air conditioning or heated spaces.

Plan to fill the gaps with plenty of baby blankets of different weights.

Hungry Little One

Of course, there is a minimum amount of weight that your baby should be gaining each week, and your pediatrician will tell you what that is. But, each baby is different and some may gain more weight than others.

In addition to weight, babies will also grow lengthwise so you may notice that pants can quickly become capri pants. Onesies should have growing room, as well or you will not be able to snap them after a growth spurt.

Don’t hesitate to pack articles of clothing away when they start to get too tight on the baby. Rejoice in your baby growing and update their wardrobe accordingly.

When in Doubt, Go Big As for sizes of clothing for the baby, the advice of many parents and professionals would be to buy big. When in doubt of whether something will fit the baby or not the clothes should be a bit too big rather than too small.

Babies grow at an alarming rate, so there is no doubt that they will quickly grow into anything loose on them. Something too tight will make the baby feel uncomfortable and make them fussy.

Remember that just as with adults clothing, different brands of baby clothes will run differently with their sizing. And, once an outfit is washed there is a chance that it may shrink.

The Wardrobe Breakdown

Let’s break down each article of the wardrobe into how many of each you will need:

● Bibs – a bunch (at least 7)

● Onesies – seven to ten

● Shirts – seven to ten (less if you will use more sleepers)

● Pants – seven to ten

● Shorts – seven (for summer)

● Sleepers – seven (less if you will use pants/shirts)

● Socks – seven

● Hats – a few

● Sweater – a few (for winter)

● Jackets – one

● Shoes – a few pairs

Newborn babies are often covered up with at least one blanket. So, as long as you can regulate the temperature inside of the home to be relatively warm the baby should not need too many layers of clothing.

There is no right way to dress your child and quite often, parents will let their baby be naked other than a diaper, of course. Or just dressed in a onesie.

Thinking Ahead

Eventually, your baby boy will grow out of these cute outfits. Do you have a plan as to what you will do with the organic baby clothes that your child grows out of?

For parents that plan on having more children, the obvious thing to do with the clothes would be to clean them and pack them away.

People who do not plan to have more children should make some sort of plan. Whether you will give them to a friend or family member that is expecting, donate them to a good cause, or plan to sell them at a yard sale or online.

Dressing the Baby Boy

Now that the details of newborn baby boy clothes have been laid out, it is time to lay out your top picks for outfits.

Put a few more on your gift registry than you originally thought you wanted, then come check out some of our other hot topics and stellar advice.

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