Down South: 3 Easy Mexican Food Recipes

Mexico is home to over 130 million people, and experts believe that number will grow in the coming decades. Mexico is also the birthplace of a vibrant culture and fascinating history.

One of the key aspects of any culture is its food, and Mexico created some great dishes over the years. It’s important to note that preparing Mexican food ranges in difficulty depending on what you’re making.

This means that there are plenty of great Mexican food recipes you can make even if you aren’t too confident in your cooking skills. We’ll discuss a few of these tasty and easy-to-make recipes in this article.

1. Southwestern Salad

A salad may not seem like Mexican food, and technically it isn’t. However, salads are somewhat of a chameleon when it comes to food. Salads are old enough to appear in Roman records and the word salad comes from the Latin word for salt. It’s also likely that the Romans were just the first to write down a salad recipe, and the dish predates them.

Whatever the case, salad has stood the test of time and showed up in almost every culture in the world. The Southwestern salad differs from other salads because it adds cilantro dressing. You can also add other ingredients, such as corn and beans.

2. Seafood Tacos

Something a lot of people don’t think of as Mexican food is seafood, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Mexico borders the ocean on two sides, so seafood is an important component of Mexican food, especially in coastal regions. You have several different options when preparing tacos, and one is to make seafood tacos. Some people prefer to put shrimp in their seafood tacos, while others substitute fish of various kinds. If you’re having trouble choosing, there’s no rule that says you can’t do both.

You could even go the experimental route and add calamari, crab meat, or any other type of seafood you can think of. It might be fun to do a seafood taco that mixes many types of seafood.

3. Burritos

Much like tacos, burritos offer limitless possibilities. Burritos are often made with ground beef, but you could change things up and use Carne picada (minced beef) as well. Though beef is traditional, burritos aren’t restricted to beef.

For instance, there’s a type of burrito commonly known as a “hapa.” Truly a clash of two worlds, a “hapa” is a fusion of Mexican and Asian flavors into one unique food. Some “hapas” use meat prepared in an Asian style, such as sweet and sour or Korean barbecue while others add seafood.

You can even make vegetarian burritos by substituting tempeh or vegetables for the beef.

Easy-to-Make Mexican Food Recipes

You don’t have to be a renowned chef to make decent Mexican food. There are many excellent Mexican food recipes out there for everyone regardless of cooking experience.

We’ve discussed a few simple recipes in this article, but there are too many unique variations and twists on traditional Mexican dishes for us to cover in one go.

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