Can you sell your used home appliances?

Do you need to sell your old appliances since you’re replacing your dishwasher, dryer, or fridge? If yes then there are several options to sell your old appliances for cash, whether you should be replacing or have simply moved into a new home. In reality, trading at trade exhibitions, thrift shops, as well as online may provide a good side income or even a high employment for some people. Continue reading to learn more!

Consider local stores:

If you would not want to market your appliances publicly or set up a yard sale, you may sell them to a local appliance business. They frequently include a used segment in addition to brand new items.

Call ahead and then do some investigation to see what type of price they have. Also, mention whether or not they will start picking up and how much it will cost. They may charge a flat cost at occasions, which is a good alternative if you do have well over one thing to sell.

Think about a Garage Sale:

Garage sales are much more traditional than selling online, but they are still an excellent method to trade your appliances for money! There are still individuals who enjoy flea markets, and applications such as Varagesale and Yard Sale Treasure Map can assist you in finding garage sales near you!

Many purchasers who go to garage sales are elderly people who prefer the personal connection and viewing the products in person. Ensure the products are in good shape and ready to be taken up right away.

Make sure to post your flea market on Craigslist in order to attract consumers. Include your finest images and a detailed summary to entice people to your yard sale.


Facebook has risen in popularity in recent years. A local buy and sell page is also available in most neighbourhood organisations.

The incredible thing about Fb is that the majority of purchasers are in your area. This might be beneficial if you need to get clear of your stuff quickly.

Local selling sites are an excellent method to transact stuff. You may also broaden your search to include local selling and buying pages. Some sites use terms like beg, exchange, and sell.

Make careful to vet your customer, just like you would with any other social media marketing page. You may check if a client or purchaser’s profile is legitimate by clicking on their account.

Selecting better things to sell:

When looking via a sales app for products to buy for resale, make absolutely sure that the things are either in fantastic functioning order or can be mended with a good cleaning or by replacing basic parts.

Trying to sell second hand appliances is possibly the best side hustle option for folks who know a great deal about appliance maintenance or are eager to learn.

Appliance repairs are frequently a lot easier than you would assume. Well in this case, you can also consider some professional appliance repair service providers especially from


If you’re searching for a way to make some extra money, donating your old appliances should not be the first thought that springs to mind, but listen to us out. While there are numerous methods to sell secondhand goods, interacting with shady customers who want to pay as little as possible may be a nuisance. Think about making a high-end contribution. According to Steve Feldman, creator of Renovation Angel, a luxury giving is generally a better option than selling. “Primarily,” he argues, “you’re selling to save money on taxes.” “You’re certainly going to gain more revenue from your tax break than you would from a free market sale,” he adds. “Moreover, you won’t be dealing with any logistical problems,” such as detaching or disassembling your appliances.

College Bulletin Boards:

Many college students are weary of going to shared laundromats or struggling with broken fridge, so marketing your products on campus notice boards may simply produce some money. Most individuals aren’t concerned with brand names or model numbers; they simply want a functional device.

Furthermore, marketing on these bulletin boards might attract the attention of property developers that specialise in student housing. Property maintenance businesses prefer installing a functional, refurbished appliance since it is less expensive than purchasing a completely new appliance and less expensive than bringing out repair professionals on a regular basis. Click here to find reliable appliance repair experts.

Scrap metal recyclers:

If you moved to a new appliance because your previous one wasn’t working properly, you might be able to receive some money back. Collecting scrap metal may be profitable, which is why you see vehicles driving through communities collecting metal rubbish.

You can get some money if you bring your appliance to a scrap steel recycler. Scrap metal refiners often pay in cash given the weight of something like the metal, so that an old washer or freezer might add up to a substantial sum.


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