At-Home Business Ideas That’ll Give You Joy

We’re in a time right now where more people are working from and spending time in their homes rather than being out there in the world. It’s led to people being far more creative than they ever have been before, starting up a business that they can work from home. Let’s be honest; everyone has figured out that their schedule is more important than they thought. They want to get their tasks done and then get on with the day, they don’t want to continue to work all of the  hours. We are in a time where we are rejecting the hustle culture that puts work before mental and personal health – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t start a business of your own. 

There has been a huge rise in home business opportunities, and you can do pretty much anything from home these days because there are so many options. We’re also privileged enough to be able to work remotely and comfortably with it. Instead of working for someone else from home, though, you could pick up a passion of yours and kick off your business remotely. You could even reserve a company name that makes sense now and decide what to do with it later. With a start from the confines of your house, you can create something with very few overheads, very few staff (if any) and with just your vision brought to life! We’re living in a connected world, and that means that your business has the potential to really kick off. With this in mind, here are the business ideas at home that’ll give you more joy than you could possibly imagine. Ready? Let’s go!

  1. A wholesaler. Are you living somewhere with plenty of space? Do you think you could do it better than your current clothing stores or bakery that you use? Many businesses begin and end with the simplicity of importing products and selling them on for a profit. Some people buy from eBay to sell on elsewhere, and others choose stores that allow them to buy in bulk and then sell on. It’s a good way to choose a niche in your market and it’s going to allow you to be truly niche and unique in your offerings. As long as you have the space to store products and a solid website, you’ll be able to sell products online and sell them for a tidy amount.
  2. Create a product. If you can create a product, you can turn that hobby into a business. If you can bake, you can come up with a homemade brownie business that allows you to post brownies to those who want to buy them. There’s pretty much anything that you can create at home that you can sell elsewhere. You can bake, create pottery, find a product you know you could improve and sell that. There are plenty of products that you can create at home, and selling them means you can earn money from your hobby. You can eventually create a studio in the home, and it’s this that will help you to earn cash from what you know you can do.
  3. Start a store for dropshipping. There are some businesses that you can run from home that allow you space to have your inventory outside of the home, employing a dropshipping model where a third party stores all of your things for you. This leaves them to handle the marketing and customer service aspects while you handle the shipping and storage of your products. It’s a good way to make money from home without having too much interaction with customers. You can have a supplier that’s overseas if you want to but most people choose a local dropshipping company as they can be more reliable when nearby.
  4. Start a printing business. From stickers to labels, you can print on demand as you get your orders, allowing people to come to you and get what they need with ease. You can sell print on demand clothing, apparel and even cookware – you can even sell books and mugs. Either way, you can choose to be a little broad with a unique ‘as you need it’ service, or you can focus on just t-shirts and other things that allow you to print as your customers order. It’s a good way to enjoy showcasing any design skills that you might have.  At the end whatever you choose, you need to assure the best results. It is important to consider using top-quality printing products, which can be achieved with Epson printer and its ink.
  5. Offer online services. If you want to be broad, think about what exactly it is that you can offer to others. From creative design to marketing, house cleaning and writing, you can offer a range of personal services to others that just make sense. Do a little market research here, though, and make sure that you choose just the one service. You don’t want to do EVERYTHING because you will burn out and you won’t be able to offer a targeted service. 

6. Teach. You can teach online classes that simply make sense if you have the knowledge and the know-how. You can pursue your business by identifying something you are good at and teaching it to other people. There are so many ways that you can teach online, too. You can Zoom call and tutor others, you can create a website packed with quizzes and study tools, you could even create your own study plan and work with an online university as a tutor. There are plenty of options for your teaching online and if you like to be on camera, then perhaps a career on social media and YouTube teaching others!

7.Make your service a product. If you deliver talks to businesses on health and safety, then today may be the day that you decide to package those talks to a downloadable file or DVD and sell them on. You might currently do talks in person but the idea here is to create something that you can do from home without having to be in front of others again. When you choose to make your service a product, you’re going to open a whole new world for adding products to your service-based business. There are courses, designs, eBooks, merchandise and more that you can offer to others and productize your service.

8. Learn how to grow your audience. Did you know that you can grow an audience that you can sell to? If you want to work from home, you can start to create content on social media and begin a YouTube channel, too. Eventually, this can grow to a podcast but as long as you are delivering the best content to your audience, you’re going to be on track to create something amazing. You will grow your audience, and that will help you to monetize that audience who will then want to buy from you. The key here is not to fall into the multi-level marketing trap, where you are suckered into a business where you invest your money and get nothing back. 

9. Buy an existing business. You could easily start a home-based business by choosing an existing business for sale. Rather than start from scratch, you’re going to be able to start with a business that’s warm and ready to go. That means that it already has a product and customers to consider. When this is the case, you can ensure that you are able to pick up and earn a profit pretty quickly. Many ecommerce businesses for sale are already earning money and they can be picked up and continued by you and worked from your home.

10. Start your own box business. Did you know that Netflix used to be a subscription box business? You can find so many examples of subscription boxes, and you can grow a whole new one based on choices you make for the box yourself!

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