8 Skincare Trends To Try This 2022

The increasing need to live healthier and focus on health and wellness has seen a shift in the way people view personal care. More people are now paying attention to the ingredients used in their products and being conscious with their buys.

Furthermore, there are so many trends in the market nowadays that promises on transforming your skin from dull, boring, and acne-prone to flawless and perfection, thus, knowing what trends to follow is vital. 

If you’re looking for more options to get the results that you desire, here are some skincare trends to try this 2022.

Home Made Skin Care

Going natural in every aspect of your life is always a great idea, especially with skincare products. Unlike synthetic skin products, making natural products products at home will keep your skin safe from harsh ingredients that may lead to long-term effects. 

Due to the home lockdown situation this past year, this trend has risen, giving everyone with enough time to experiment with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) skincare recipes. 

Moreover, you can use probiotic skin care products with your DIY skincare to reduce acne breakouts, eczema and help battle skin aging. 

Blue Light Protection

We live in a world where people spend long hours in front of their screens which may cause skin problems in the long run.   

As a result, people are joining the bandwagon of using skincare products that offer blue light protection which helps in blocking harmful lights from your computer screen. In addition, you should look for zinc oxide, iron oxide, antioxidants, and titanium dioxide as you look for this blue light protection skin care products. 

Also, you can incorporate a moisturizer with blue light protection that’s lightweight and protects the skin accordingly.


Contrary to some beliefs, you don’t need a lot of skincare products, all that you need are the bare essentials. That said, it’s time to stop applying the ten-step routine and just settle on five vital ones. Begin by choosing a gentle cleanser to eliminate build-up and bacteria that form over time.

Then opt for a product with one active ingredient and a good moisturizer paired with the right sunscreen. This trend has gotten popular due to the consumer’s desire for simplified products. This minimalistic practice does a great job in delivering results efficiently. 

In addition, this trend allows a user to stick to daily routines that don’t take a lot of time.

Repackable Packaging

The green movement has grown its following with more and more people looking for eco-friendly skincare products that care for the environment. A great example is the use of natural ingredients for the skin care products and creative containers that are recyclable.

Repackable packaging gives the consumer a chance to refill their formula without buying a new product. This method will significantly reduce waste packaging and overall carbon footprint.

Micro Dosing

Most people are guilty of piling on multiple products in hopes of getting quick results. However, this can cause irritation, dryness, acne, redness, and many more. On the other hand, micro-dosing is a trend that’s on the rise, with people using a lower percentage of products with active ingredients. 

It enables toleration and forms a barrier on the skin for a glowing and healthy look and feel. When you microdose, you’ll rejuvenate your skin while still preventing dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

Woman having a cryotherapy session


This skincare trend uses extreme cold on the skin to freeze and remove damaged tissues, which improves blood circulation in the vessels. It also hastens collagen production, which causes a tightening effect.

Once your skin cools down, blood and oxygen flow increase, which makes the skin glow and leave a vibrant effect. 

Intraoperative Beauty

Non-invasive beauty practices are replacing surgical procedures that have helped decrease lines and wrinkles. These procedures can also sculpt, contour, and boost your confidence due to the great appearance of your skin. 

Besides, these procedures have minimal to no pain and don’t require hospital stay as it has a short recovery and downtime. In addition, you’ll not have any incisions on you, and the risk of complication is significantly lower. 

Personalized Products

Personalized products are the new craze right now as they take skincare to a new level. Clients get all the required ingredients mixed into one super skincare product that suits their skin needs. 

Custom-made products allow your skin to be healthy and glowing without having to layer ingredients that may cause allergic reactions and may worsen your skin condition.

Bottom Line

With so many products flooding the market, you’ve got to take control of what you put on your skin as it’s very sensitive—the shift towards sustainable trends that’ll get you the skin you want. 

However, before following any trend, do your research and consult your dermatologist to determine what is suitable for your skin type. Sometimes a trend that may work for others may fail on your part. Knowing your skin type and any skin sensitivities that you have will also help in deciding what trends will benefit you and which ones won’t. 

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