Indicators that You Need to Repair your Water Heater

We use the water heater every day all year round. They are usually prone to problems due to their work rate and the long durations they operate. It is easy to identify instances when the system deteriorates. You will find that the equipment is not working at optimum. Therefore, you should not wait until you get cold water to think about repairing the system. Read on to know the indicators that should prompt you to improve your water heater.

What to look out for Mains pressure cylinders care and maintenance is essential for their functionality. Also, it helps to increase its service life. Here is what to look out for to have an experienced and skilled plumber services your water heater;

The Water temperatures Fluctuates

Sometimes, the water temperatures fluctuate without altering the heating parameters. When you experience the problem, there is a problem with the heater. You can compare the cylinder’s heating capability with the initial times of using it. It would be best to replace the equipment if it is old and past its service life. If it is a new item, you can repair it to return it to its optimal functioning.

The problem might be deposits from the water on the coils or heating features. When the water particles coat the elements, the water will not heat effectively. The technician can replace the component if it is a problem, and you do not need to purchase a new cylinder.

Water Discoloration

Water is colorless but may become hazy when it flows under high pressure. Still, it should not have color when it settles. However, you can identify brown color in the water, which may be due to rust. The water heating features or pipes may be the cause, and it is essential to replace the elements. Alternatively, the cylinder may be dirty and need cleaning to prevent any health complications. So, it would help if you found a technician to help you solve the water discoloration issue. Ensure the plumber offers such services.

Noisy Cylinder

It is normal for a water heating system to produce a sound while working. But, an aging cylinder will probably make noises when operating them. There is a problem when the tank produces cracking, popping or banging sounds. It is difficult to identify the issue without the expertise. Therefore, you should have a professional inspect the system to know the problem.

Failure to repair a noisy cylinder may lead to leakage as the parts may weaken the joints. When the issue progresses, you may need to replace the entire system. However, a qualified plumber can repair the equipment if you report it early.

Water Leakage

There is a leakage when you find water collecting around the lower parts of the heating cylinder. The situation poses safety risks as it can lead to shock if it contacts electrical items. In addition, the water may cause rust which will wear the cylinder from the outside. So, ensure you repair the water leakage issue before it escalates to other problems. It may be fatal to pets and young children who do not understand the dangers.


You can identify corrosion of the water heating cylinder from its outward appearance or water discoloration. If you do not have the money to replace the entire equipment, you can replace the affected parts. However, it would be best to purchase a new tank if corrosion is extensive.


A water heating cylinder can serve you for ten years or more. However, it can offer a lesser service life depending on your purchase brand. Without the right care, it will have a shorter lifespan. Use the indicators in this read to repair the items when necessary.

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