Finding the Perfect Home: 3 Different Approaches

Looking for the perfect home? Maybe you’re just getting onto the property ladder after years of renting, or perhaps your family has grown and you’re looking to move into something bigger and more suitable. You might even be looking to move to another area or move abroad. Regardless of your situation, there are three main ways you’ll find your next home, which of these would work best for you?


If you can find a property which is in budget and generally ticks all of your boxes but just needs work doing to it, renovating can be a good way to achieve what you want. You dont need all of the money right away as you can renovate room by room. It gives you the chance to transform a home to look exactly the way you want it to, it’s likely to cost you a lot less than buying a move- in ready home and you can customise it to make the property work for you. You’ll need to go in with a clear idea of the costs and a reliable team of tradespeople to tackle the work. 

Consider having a house built

Having your home built from scratch might seem like a pipe dream. But actually, if you look into whether to buy or build a house you’ll find that in many cases it can work out cheaper to build. This is because when you renovate, you have to factor in the cost of removing old furniture, carpet and things like kitchens and bathrooms. You have to spend time or money (or both) stripping out wallpaper, fixtures and putting right any wrongs from plumbing to electricals. Sometimes asbestos, pests and other issues can arise and cost much more than you budgeted for. When you build from scratch you avoid all of these problems. Having a house built means you can plan it and make it exactly the way you want it right from the start. Chances are you’ll have planning permission rules that you’ll need to stick to, but in terms of things like layout and finishes its something you can get right from the beginning. No need for removing old to make way for the new. 

Find a move- in ready home

If you’re really lucky you might find a house on the market which is exactly what you’re after. In budget, the size and style you want, the area you want and requiring minimal renovation. If you’re not much of a DIYer and dont want to live in a house that resembles a building site then this probably appeals. However, most properties that are move-in ready will cost more money so it may be difficult to find a house that has everything you want unless you’re prepared to spend more on it. But keep checking property listings every day, set alerts and let local estate agents know what you’re looking for so they can contact you if anything comes up. 

Which of these three options would you choose to achieve your perfect home? 


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