Design Tips For Multipurpose Spare Rooms

If you have a spare room in your home that doesn’t get a lot of use these days, it can feel like a bit of a waste, whether you have a room empty from a child who has flown the nest or if you have always had a guest room that’s not had a lot of use, it can feel a bit wasteful to have a room in your home that get’s no use.

But on the other hand, you still want the room to be a guest room if it’s needed. If you’re an empty nester, it can feel bad to turn your child’s old room into a home gym when they may need to come back home at some point.

So, if you want to keep the flexibility of having a guest room for when it’s needed, but also want to use the room for something useful, you can use this spare room as a ‘multipurpose room’, which, as the name suggests is a room that has multiple uses. You can double your spare room up as a home office, a home gym or even a cinema room. So how can you go about turning your spare room into a nice multipurpose room?

Swap Bed For A Sofa Bed

If you want to turn your spare bedroom into a multipurpose room, the first thing you should do is swap out the bed for a sofa bed. The main reason why is floorspace, a proper bed will have a large footprint on a room and restrict what else can be done in the room, whereas a sofa bed will take up less space when in the sofa setting. Having a sofa bed also allows you to use it as a sofa, which is perfect for a movie room.

Blinds For Day, Blinds For Night

Usually in a bedroom, you’ll have blackout blinds on the window to keep the room dark at night, which is perfect for when someone is sleeping in the room, but no so good when you want to use the room in the day, forcing you to operate in darkness or let all the light in. This can be solved with a set of new double roller blinds, which have a blackout layer for ensuring darkness at night and a dimout layer to keep the room light during the day.

Wall Mounted Storage

In a multipurpose room, wall mounted storage can be a game changer. Free standing storage units will eat up your floor space, which isn’t ideal for a room you intend to use as a home office or a gym, as you’ll have less space to work with. So by using wall mounted storage units like shelves or floating cupboards, you can keep the floorspace open, to allow you space for exercising or to place a desk to work at.

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