Are Your Electricity Bills Giving You A Headache? Here Are Some Handy Small Business Energy Saving Tips.

As a small business owner, you come face to face with several challenges day in, day out. Finding and retaining customers, increasing brand awareness, managing money, scaling, chalking out offline and online marketing plans, etc., become constant concerns.

As if these reasons aren’t enough to give creases of worries over your forehead, the rising electricity bills add insult to injury. However, the easy tips listed below come in handy in saving high energy costs. 

Read further to discover easy and effective energy-saving tips. 

Consider energy audit 

If saving on energy bills is on your mind, start with getting an energy audit done. Hire a professional energy audit company to determine whether or not you are using energy at your office efficiently. 

The company will delineate the loopholes and areas to reduce your energy use to save some energy and your money. You may also use utility bill management solutions which can monitor and help you to reduce your utility expenses.

Invest in energy-efficient devices 

You might not want to spend a bomb on buying energy-efficient devices for your small business, but it will save you money in the long run.

From computers to printers, air conditioners to coffee machines, check the energy ratings of each device before making a purchase. 

Switch off the devices when not using 

Devices tend to draw power when they are plugged in. Switching them off when not in use can help save a great deal of energy. 

Order your staff to turn off computers, printers, scanners, lights, air conditioners, microwaves, coffee vending machines, and other devices after working hours. 

Use a programmable or smart thermostat

You can trim your energy bills by using a programmable or smart thermostat at your office. This thermostat adjusts the temperature of the space when no one is working. 

Furthermore, ensure that your thermostat is away from direct sunlight, drafts, and mechanical devices, such as desktops, printers, photocopiers, etc. 

Treat your doors and windows

Reflective films, internal blinds, and external shutters on windows keep the strong sun rays from entering your office space. Hence, they contribute to keeping your workplace cool without adding to your energy bills. 

Furthermore, sealed doors keep the heat out during summers and in during winter, keeping your office space at an aggregable temperature without the use of ACs or heaters that add oodles to energy bills. 

Use natural lighting 

Ditch artificial lights for free of cost natural lighting. Make the most of daylight to keep your office space well-lit and airy throughout the day. Restrict the use of artificial lights to dark areas only. 

If you use artificial lights, ensure replacing your old lights with energy-efficient options, such as LEDs and CFLs.

Check your roof and ceiling

Any defect in ceiling insulation can directly add to your energy bills.  A well-insulated ceiling keeps a property warm in winter and cool in summer. 

Loft insulation, properly fitted roof tiles, heat reflective paint, etc., contribute to naturally maintaining a comfortable temperature in a building without adding to energy bills. 

Select your energy supplier wisely 

The rates of electricity and natural gas touch the sky. Being a small business, it might not be convenient for you to pay the going rate. 

Look for small business electricity providers that cater specifically to small businesses. These energy providers offer electricity at the best possible rate.


Financial management is the biggest obstacle in the path of a small business owner. Hence, they always look for ways to save. 

With these easy hacks, you can save on your energy bills and iron out some of your financial woes. 


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