5 Things You Should Do When Planning To Conceive

Conceiving, going through with a pregnancy, giving birth and raising a child is an involved and ongoing process. It’s important to start planning and preparing as early as you can, as well as doing your research about fertility and eggs.

1. Learn To Predict Ovulation

One of the most important things you need to do when you’re planning to get pregnant is to predict your ovulation cycle. Being able to predict or pinpoint your ovulation days each month will give you a better idea of when you’re more likely to conceive. You can use a calendar or app to track your period, check for changes in your vaginal secretions or monitor your basal body temperature for any changes.

2. Stay in Touch with Your Doctor

You should let your doctor know when you decide to try to get pregnant. Pregnancy is a medical situation and many expectant mothers require various degrees of healthcare and support from healthcare providers. Make sure you discuss with your doctor any family history or medical conditions that may affect your pregnancy, as well as any supplements or medications you need to begin taking or that may put your pregnancy at risk. For example, you may want to find a doctor who provides pregnancy testing in Santa Rosa, as well as other conception and pregnancy services, such as checkups, scans and medical assistance.

3. Consider Talking To a Genetic Counselor

You may want to consider talking to a genetic counselor if you’re worried about genetic risks regarding your pregnancy or your baby. You’ll need to talk to the genetic counselor about your medical and family histories, focusing on birth defects, cancer diagnoses, genetic conditions and chromosomal disorders, as well as any family history of difficult pregnancies, miscarriages or issues conceiving. The genetic counselor can help you determine your level of risk and suggest useful genetic testing options.

4. Begin or Maintain Healthy Habits

You want to be as healthy as possible while pregnant to reduce risks to your pregnancy and your fetus. If you drink or smoke, stop doing that as soon as you decide you want to conceive. Research what foods are safe and not safe to eat during pregnancy. Check what types of exercises are most useful and safest for pregnant women to do. Find ways to manage your stress and anxiety.

5. Have Sex Regularly

Not only do you need to make sure you’re healthy and track your ovulation days, but you also need to have sex regularly in order to conceive. Generally, doctors suggest you have sex with your partner every day or every other day when you’re attempting to conceive, especially during the days on which you’re ovulating. If you don’t want to have sex that often, focus on the days on which you ovulate.

Conceiving isn’t something that will happen immediately. You need to be patient and keep trying. If you’re concerned about fertility issues, bring this up with your doctor so you can plan around it or look at alternative options.

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