4 Fun Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy for Free

Children need to be active and entertained. While it’s easy to let them sit and watch something on the tv or on their tablets, or for them to play video games, these activities don’t help them to engage with the whole family. While you don’t necessarily need to completely get rid of screen time, it’s far healthier to include other activities in your kids’ free time.

Unfortunately, family outings and other activities cost money. The upside is that, with a bit of effort, you can find some activities that you and your family will enjoy together and without breaking the bank. Here are a few ideas. 

1. Going for a Walk

It’s a simple idea, but it’s a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends without spending any money. Even better, walks and hikes encourage you to go outside, where you get to enjoy all the benefits of the outside world.

If a straightforward walk doesn’t interest your children, then mix it up. Go on a nature walk and teach them about the different plants and animals that they might spot. Include a picnic as a mid-walk treat. You might even play games along the walk, ranging from the classic “I spy” or more physical games, like tag. 

2. Arts and Crafts

Not every day will let you take your children outside, but the rainy day doesn’t have to stop the fun. Arts and crafts are a great way to bond with your children and to let them exercise their creativity. 

This can be as simple as painting or drawing, or it could be more involved. For example, pipe cleaners are inexpensive and irresistible to children. You can teach them how to create little animals or sculptures with pipe cleaners. Even better, pipe cleaners don’t make half the mess as paint or playdough! 

However, there’s nothing wrong with making small messes. You might even find yourself having fun with some arts and crafts ideas.

3. Gardening

If you have a green thumb, it might be a nice idea to get your children involved in gardening as well. Gardening is a wonderful hobby, it gets you out in nature, teaches patience and dedication, and can be incredibly satisfying when it goes well.

Not every child will be interested in gardening, so don’t take it to heart if your child would rather do something else. However, it is worth it to foster other hobbies, like cooking, music, or something else that they might enjoy and find useful. 

4. Educational Games

Another way to bond with your family is to play games with them, both indoors and outdoors. Playing is an important part of a child’s development, but you can add another educational spin on things if you like. 

For example, the Daily Jumble is a fun puzzle that you and your children can get involved in. It helps them to learn how to spell and, if they’re struggling, you can use the jumble solver to find the answers. But games like scrabble and sudoku are other great activities for quiet days.  

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