What Is The Best Way To Clear A Bathtub Drain?

Hair and dirt can clog the bathtub drain. Often, they reach deep into the drain and get stuck, creating a foul odour as well. Usually, long hair wraps around the cross on the bottom of the drain body. But you need to install a strainer to catch shorter hair.

If you have a hair catcher assembly and yet cannot clear the drain all by yourself, you may have to call a plumber. In that case, try contacting several companies as you might not find someone available on the spot. Not every professional offers emergency unblocking to clear drains London on a Saturday night.

The Best Way to Clear a Bathtub Drain

You can use special tools to remove the blockage of hair that is clogging the drain. In detail, there is a metallic stick with a little brush on the end that works wonders. Just stick it down the drain to grab the hair and pull it out.

Stores sell different versions of hair clog remover tools. But you can also use a wire laundry hanger and cut it with pliers. After you bend the tip in the shape of an L, your homemade tool is ready to go down the drain and remove the blockage.

When removing hair from a blocked drain, keep a mask on to avoid smelling what is below. As any BDS drainage expert will tell you, even professional plumbers with over ten years of experience can start dry-heaving when exposed to such smells.

Other Methods to Unclog Your Bathtub Drain

The Plumbing Snake

Plumbers use a drain snake to unclog the bathtub drain. That is, a tool that you can feed deep into the piping system. Here are the instructions:

1. Turn the tap on and put a little bit of water in the bathtub to test for drainage.

2. Wear gloves and use the hair clog remover tool to clear the space underneath the drain.

3. Use a Phillips screwdriver and take the top part of the bathtub off to access the overflow.

4. Insert the drain snake inside the overflow and keep pushing and twisting it with the dial

5. Once you get in, you may have to loosen up the locking system before feeding the snake inside. Some models come with a safety lock.

6. Keep feeding the drain snake into the pipe until you feel it stop because of the blockage.

7. Lock the cable in place

8. Rotate the dial and push the snake for a minute or until you feel the blockage coming off.

9. Pull the snake back. Use a paper towel to avoid muck splatters as you remove the cable tip from the overflow.

10. Use a box cutter to cut twisted hair around the tip of the drain snake.

Chemical Drain Openers

Drain cleaners use acid to unblock or corrode the blockage. Given that these products are readily available in most stores, people tend to use them. But while they might work, they are known to cause long-term damage to your pipes. So, use them sparingly and strictly follow the instructions.

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