What Can You Do To Keep Your House Clean In Less Than An Hour/Day?

That’s an excellent question!

Or, to put it another way, “How often do you need to clean your house in order to keep it clean and tidy?”

Sometimes people just have this mental image in their heads that cleaning will take hours, if not all day. But, honestly, does it have to take so long?

It’s true that not everyone enjoys cleaning or maintaining their home for hours, if not all day. Not everyone is spotless and orderly. But one thing that all of them have in common is a need for a clean and orderly environment. Some individuals are naturally good at it, and they can’t bear messes; perhaps this is related to the way they were raised and trained as children. They just begin cleaning up items that are lying around or wiping and dusting objects they come across on an unconscious level. If you go professional make sure to get cleaners insurance

But some of us aren’t built that way. Some of us are too weary from our workdays to begin cleaning when we come home. Not to mention parents with small children who appear hell-bent on creating as much chaos as possible at all times. It’s simply not in our nature for some of us. It’s difficult to pinpoint why, but some of us just don’t have the “clean and tidy” gene.

How can we maintain our house clean and neat without spending a lot of time doing so?

Don’t fret! In this post, we share some of our tricks for keeping your house clean and neat in under an hour.

Here’s the secret: Don’t do all of my tasks at once! Break them down into small chunks and work on a few small jobs every day.


So, let’s begin with the sections that will take longer to complete, such as the restrooms and toilet. Cleaning a bathroom takes between 20 and 30 minutes on average, depending on how unclean it is and how many bathrooms and toilets you have in your home. If you have multiple bathrooms in your house, you may clean one bathroom and one toilet on Monday and the other on Tuesday. It’s just an example; you may choose any weekday.


Vacuuming and mopping are next on the agenda. Most people don’t vacuum or mop every day. To keep your floor clean, it can be sufficient to quickly sweep up any small crumbs each day. It’s generally a good idea to dust (windowsills and furniture) right before you begin vacuuming. Don’t do these tasks on the same day you clean your bathroom and toilet, except on days when you have the time or just because you’re in the mood to complete them all at once.


What about the cooking area? Kitchens are commonly thought to be difficult to clean.

Cleaning some areas of the kitchen, particularly the rangehood, may be difficult. It does not, however, require cleaning every day or even once a week. You may simply clean it well once or twice a month. Every other day, you may just wipe the exterior of it and wipe the stovetop and bench after you’ve finished cooking, as well as the dining table after you’ve finished eating, to keep them looking clean.

The dreaded dirty dishes, especially when they pile up in the sink, may make our kitchen appear unclean at times. To avoid this, make a point of immediately washing any cooking utensils, plates, bowls, or cups that you or your children have used. Because none of the food clings to the objects you’re washing, it takes around 2-5 minutes if you do it soon after. If you really don’t want to bother, you could always put them in the dishwasher (if you have one) and leave it running while you sleep. You’ll wake up to clean dishes in the morning. But don’t forget to unload the dishwasher!

The Minor Aspects

Let’s now look at some minor things you may do to keep our space appearing neat. Let me begin with children’s toys. Yes, most children regularly remove every item from the toybox and leave them strewn around the floor. Some of you, my fellow parents, have undoubtedly stepped on a Lego piece by accident. Ouch! Yes, it’s a dreadful experience. In fact, it’s very painful!

To avoid a mess, politely ask your kids to put their toys back in the toybox after they’re through playing with them, or just put away the ones they don’t want to play with anymore. Encourage them to accomplish it by rewarding them once they’ve completed their task. I wouldn’t advocate going crazy with the goodies, but rewarding great behaviour in a balanced approach has its benefits.

Then there’s the matter of making the bed (s). Making the bed is one of the simplest yet most important jobs. It takes no more than 5 minutes and may be done as soon as you get up in the morning, with the exception of changing the sheets, which should be done once a week.


How about the laundry? The average person does their laundry once a week. If you are a single person or a couple without children, that frequency is fairly realistic. Doing laundry once a week isn’t ideal for a single mother with two children. Don’t let your dirty clothes pile up, so it then takes you a full day to clean up. That’s precisely what you’re trying to prevent. Instead, do laundry every two or three days and put it away once it’s dry.

Something I’ve learned that is really important in keeping my home clean and tidy is to keep all major surfaces free, such as the kitchen benches, tables, floors, or any other large surface. To keep your house looking its best, always be sure to put items back where they belong after using them.

See? Keeping your house clean and neat does not take long. Because who has hours or all day? You simply need to set aside 30-40 minutes every day. 

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