Best Herbs For Hydroponic Home-Gardeners

As hydroponics becomes a gardening trend, most homeowners want to try their hand at it. Hydroponic gardening lets you experience the joy of growing plants even if you do not have a conventional growing space. Not to mention, these systems are resource-saving and eco-friendly as you can grow without soil. Herbs make an ideal candidate to grow hydroponically because they are small and fast-growing. Experts believe that they have a more potent smell as compared to their soil-grown counterparts. But some herbs do better with this growing system than others. Here is a list of the best ones for hydroponic home-gardeners.


Chefs acclaim basil for its freshest flavor and healthy essential oils that make it perfect for everyday cooking. It is also one of the easiest options to grow hydroponically. You can easily create ideal conditions such as a sheltered place and plenty of warmth and light indoors. It can be propagated by stem cuttings. The recommended nutrient solution pH for the herb is 5.5. Make sure you keep harvesting the plant and do not let it flower.


Another herb that thrives in a water-based growing system is parsley. You cannot imagine cooking without its fresh flavor, so make sure you have it in your gardening checklist. Like basil, it requires a nutrient solution with pH 5.5 for healthy growth. The best part is that it is a low-maintenance herb, and the warm temperature and plenty of light are enough to keep it thriving. Parsley can even survive freezing temperatures, making it a sturdy one to grow.


Surprisingly, hydroponics make an excellent option for cannabis home growers as the system lets them grow indoors. It also offers a hygienic environment for organic plants. Not to mention cannabis plants grow a lot faster when you cultivate them hydroponically. All you need is a proper kit to get started, such as wonder buds seeds, a humidifier, lighting systems, ect. It is a good idea to invest in Centurion trimmers as you will need them down the line. The machine works for trimming both wet and dry material. So you can prepare your stash at home and even sell it, provided you are in a legal state.


Mint is a strong herb that grows fast and is almost disease-free. It is as good with hydroponics as with conventional gardening. Growing mint indoors is all about ensuring it gets adequate light because it requires 12 and 16 hours daily. The pH range should be between 5.5 and 6.5. Fresh air and high humidity during the rooting phase are some other factors you need to ensure.


If you are a herbal tea lover, growing chamomile at home is a good idea. The herb does well with hydroponic gardening, and you can go ahead without second thoughts. While this plant loves the sun, it can do well even with only 4 hours of light every day. If you use grow lights indoors, you need not worry about long bills. Warmer climates are ideal for this aromatic herb.

Experimenting with hydroponic gardening requires the choice of the right plants. Follow this list, and you can have a thriving garden at home.

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