A Guide to Creating a Bespoke Study Space for your Kids

Children tend to prefer going out to play or staying glued to gadgets than sitting down to read. Some even have short concentration spans, making it challenging to finish their homework. You can encourage them to complete their school assignments by creating a fun and comfortable study space that will make them hate their tasks a little bit less. The following article will provide you with tips on creating a bespoke study space for your kids.

Ensure adequate lighting Set their work desk next to a window where they can get ample natural light and avoid squinting. Ensure that the outside view does not shift your child’s focus from studies. Ensure that the overhead lighting is sufficient and place a table lamp to supplement the general lighting in the room. If your child needs an internet connection, ensure that the connection is strong without any disruptions.

Follow ergonomic rules

Your child’s work table should be at waist length and allow them to rest their elbows without hunching over. Ensure their feet can rest flat on the floor and place their computer screen thirty inches away from their face. Place a rolled blanket on their lower back to ease pressure and reduce soreness.

Avoid distractions

Please switch off the television during study time to prevent them from being distracted. Keep their noisy gadgets and toys away from their sight until they have completed their work. If your child works best in a noisy area, carve out a workspace for them in the living or dining area where you can control the noise to a manageable level.

Keep their space clutter-free

Ensure that your child’s workspace is neatly organized to enhance motivation and prevent them from being distracted by clutter. Invest in a kids desk with storage to stash their books and supplies. Help your child be organized and keep up with deadlines and reminders by creating a bulletin board or using sticky notes. If your teen uses a laptop or computer, ensure you arrange the tabletop to create space for paperwork.

Personalize their study space

Decorate your child’s work table with art they made themselves and add bright and colorful accents. Adding a personal touch to their workstation will give them a sense of ownership and brighten their mood. Assign them the responsibility of returning their books and supplies once they finish reading.

Provide the necessary supplies

Keep supplies such as pens, markers, paper, crayons and chalk in the same room and in a place where they are easily accessible. Schools nowadays encourage students to participate in DIY projects in posters, charts, and presentations to boost their creativity and make the learning process more enjoyable.

Set the right ambiance

You could opt for a makeshift black or whiteboard to facilitate tutoring sessions. Choose a seating arrangement that provides utility and comfort, but not too much comfort that they end up falling asleep. Create an ambiance that will let them know that it is time for serious business when they are in their study space.

Wrapping up

We hope that this article has been resourceful and that you will use these recommendations to help your child in their learning process. Spruce up their space to encourage them to study right from an early age.

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