7 Creative and Unique Gifts for Wine Lovers

If you are creative enough, there are dozens of gifts you can get for a wine lover. You can go for gifts that are unique and thoughtful. In fact, go for those that can be used in their daily activities and even double up as home décor. This article will discuss creative and unique gifts for wine lovers.

Wine aroma kit & an outdoor wine table It might be challenging to try and decipher all the complex notes by how a wine smells. A wine aroma master kit will help your loved ones train their olfactory senses so that they will know what to look out for in a bottle of wine. Your friends will also appreciate a portable wine table that can be poked into the soil and doubles up as an elegant outdoor piece. Get a table that can hold at least two glasses and a standard-sized bottle.

Wine cookbook & picnic table wine carrier

A wine cookbook is a perfect gift for wine lovers who want to familiarize themselves with new, tasty recipes and wine pairings.Well, every oenophile will also agree that a mini picnic table that folds into a wine tote carrier is a great product to gift to a wine lover who loves planning picnics.

Electric corkscrew & glass wine carafe

An electric corkscrew is a gadget that eliminates the struggle with opening wine bottles and can be recharged when the battery is low. You can add a carafe which is another cool wine gadget that floats on the surface of the wine, preventing oxidation and allowing your wine to remain fresh for long.

Wine wall art & a wine journal

Invest in a personalized wine wall art on a high-quality canvas that your giftee can display in the wine cellar or their reading nook. You could also arrange to have their name printed on it. If your friend has trouble keeping track of their favorite libations, give them a partitioned wine journal with separate sections for red, white, sparkling, and fortified wines.

Wine membership gift

You can never go wrong with a wine membership gift if you want to surprise your loved one. Look for a membership gift that is curated to suit personal preferences. Ensure it has a free replacement if the wine does not meet your lover’s requirements.

Wine-infused salts

The seasoned wine connoisseurs will enjoy pairing their wine with wine-infused finishing salts. There are many flavors to choose from, such as rose rosemary, pinot noir, and fennel, as well as chardonnay lemon and thyme.

Silicone wine glass holder & an insulated spill-proof wine glass

Buy your friend this cool trinket for days when they feel like having a drink in the shower. Wine on the go has also never been easier with the invention of insulated wine glasses that keep the lovely beverage cold for hours on end. Your friend doesn’t have to worry about spilling red wine on that favorite dress while they are out.

In a nutshell

Whether it is a special occasion or the holiday season, the gifts discussed above are bound to excite any wine-lover. We hope you will consider the gifts suggested above and surprise your friend or loved one the next time you see them.

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