5 Telltale Signs You Need a Home Window Repair

Windows are big business: a nearly $5 billion industry in the US alone, and it’s no wonder why. Windows can make or break a home in terms of both heating and aesthetics, and — of course — they break with ease. That means plenty of people are having windows installed, repaired, and replaced.

But how do you know if you ought to be one of them? What are the signs that you need a window repair service? What’s ordinary wear and tear and what are the signs you need a window repair?

Great questions! Stay tuned for our guide to the top 5 signs you need to call a window repair company right now!

1. A Bit Drafty?

Picture it: a cold winter morning. You’ve got all the doors and windows locked down tight and the heating going full tilt.

And then from nowhere a gush of cold wind chills you to your bones. What on Earth could it be?

Well, it’s probably a sign that your windows aren’t properly sealed and need looking at! Time to Google ‘window repair near me’!

2. The Bills Keep Climbing

Do you find that your energy bills are getting higher and higher every month? You might write that off as the price of fall and winter getting colder, but it could also indicate a failure in your home’s heat retention.

What does that mean? You guessed it: faulty windows.

3. Opening and Closing Your Window Becomes a Workout

Do you find you really have to give your window a good shove to get it open and shut? There’s two possibilities: either you’ve fallen prey to some kind of weakening curse, or your windows are getting old and stiff.

It’s probably the second thing.

4. Next Door’s Kids Keep Getting Noisier

Are you finding that more and more irritating noise is leaking into your home? The impacts that can have on your work, relaxation, and general sanity are more severe than you might think. The reason it’s happening? Your windows might be in need of a fix. Time to get on the phone to the Glass Shop and see if they can bring back that blessed silence.

5. Paint Peeling Away

If the paint on your windows is all gross and chipped, it’s not only an aesthetic issue. Sure, bad paint makes your house look old and worn out, but it also means the wood of your window-frames is exposed to the elements and might start to rot. That’s bad for your house price and your quality of life.

A Window Repair for All Seasons

So there you have it, a few of the most common telltale signs that your home is in dire need of a good window repair. With any luck, this guide will let you get on top of these problems before they become too severe.

We are coming up on winter, after all!

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