The Best Places to Spend Christmas 2021

Planning a special Christmas this year? Many people will want to go all out for the holidays this year after 2020 and spending Christmas somewhere different could be a great way to celebrate. So, where are a few of the best places in the UK to spend the holidays? Keep reading for a few ideas.

Bath Few places do Christmas as well as Bath, especially when it comes to the fabu-lous Christmas market (Nov 25th to Dec 19th). The whole town comes alive dur-ing this period and looks like a fairytale with the decorations, cobbled streets and 18th-century architecture. There are plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained during the festive period, including the ice rink at Royal Victoria Park, the panto-mime and Victorian carousel along with Bath’s many other highlights.


From November onwards Edinburgh is transformed into a winter wonderland with stunning lights, markets, an ice rink, fireworks and concerts. This looks incredible against the stunning natural beauty surrounding the Scottish capital and it is hard to not get caught up in the festive spirit when visiting at this time of the year. Ad-ditionally, it is easy enough to catch a train to Edinburgh so this should be a holi-day that is easy enough to plan.


Another old town that comes to life over the Christmas period is York. The walled medieval city has a dazzling Christmas market (Nov 18th to Dec 23rd) with an enormous tree in St Helen’s Square, market stalls selling all kinds of festive good-ies, an outdoor ice rink, Santa’s grotto and a Winter Wonderland amongst many other highlights.


England’s capital is another great choice for a Christmas holiday, especially when you consider all of the great theatre, gigs and shows that are happening through-out the festive period. There is something special about being in London around the Christmas period with highlights including markets at Southbank Centre, Christmas shopping on Oxford Street, the ice rink at Somerset House and Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. London is also somewhere that is incredibly easy to reach and travel around, so it is a good option for a winter holiday.

If you are planning a Christmas getaway this winter, these are a few of the best cities that come alive during the holidays. There will be plenty to see and do in these destinations and they could make for an unforgettable Christmas, especially after the disappointment of Christmas 2020.

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