The Best Paints for a metal roof

Metal roofs are preferred for their longevity and best value. But at times, the metal roofs can get old, rusty, and unpleasant. This does not mean there are serious structural issues; the metal roof can be repainted to make it look better. Repainting is always seen as a cheaper option for face lifting a roof, but it also comes with unique challenges. Most of the common issues that most people face are whether to go for exterior paint or metal roof paint. And if so, the best color for the metal roof.

What’s the difference between roof paint and exterior paints

Thou both are used on the exteriors; there is a vast difference between metal roof paint and exterior paint. The two should never be mixed, nor should they be mistaken as their functions and capabilities are distinct. Roof paints, especially for metal roofs, are superior as they have advanced cooling capabilities, are waterproof, and last longer than exterior paints. Here is a closer look at the difference between roof paints and exterior paints;


When a homeowner decides to buy paint, they intend to have the color serve them for a long while. Exterior paints usually last anywhere between 7 to 10 years, while roof paints will go for 15 years. The difference is quite extensive, which makes roof paints quite enticing to many homeowners.

UV absorption

The sun releases UV, which can be pretty damaging to metal roofs. But most paints are designed with elastomeric resins, which have UV absorbing capabilities. This is vital in preventing the UV rays from harming the metal roofs. On the other hand, exterior colors have no such thing as this, which means your metal roof will not last for a long time.


Designed to withstand the pressure that metal roofs face, roof paints have superior quality to exterior paints. When exterior paints are exposed to harsh weather, they tend to peel, crack and chip because they are not elastic. On the other hand, Roof paints are meant to be elastic, which makes them accommodate the expansion and contraction of metal roofs.


Generally, exterior paints are somewhat cheaper than roof paints. Since roof paints have more enhanced features, which enable them to outlast exterior paints, the cost is also different. But, there is a catch; the cheaper option can prove costly as exterior paints tend to have a shorter lifespan. Readout more about metal roof coating costs at Home Garden Guides.


Energy efficient

Since roof paints are applied on the top side of the house, they are crafted with better energy efficiency. Most, if not all, metal roofs have highly reflective ceramics, which pushes the heat away from home. The roof paints are designed to reflect the heat into the atmosphere rather than retain the heat. This is something that’s not possible with exterior paints.

Which is the best metal roof paint

On its own, a metal roof is sustainable and highly effective in keeping your house well protected. But to ensure that your metal roof will serve you for many more years, you will need to apply a metal roof coating. Since there are many metal roof paints out there, it can be very confusing, especially when you’re not well-versed with painting matters. But we have done the heavy lifting for you, and we bring you the best metal roof paint; 

Liquid Rubber Roof Coating

This solar reflective paint will give your roof a much-needed boost even as it helps keep the temperatures regulated. Coming in 1-gallon packages, the sealant is perfect for metal roofs even as it helps reflect UV rays to the atmosphere. It will adhere to the metal roof perfectly and withstand weather elements with ease. This Liquid Rubber Roof paint’s primary color is white, and the paint is waterproof, helping your metal roof beat any rusting. Overall, the application is relatively easy, and the paint will serve you for many more years to come.

Jetcoat Acrylic Roof Coating

Manufactured by a household name in the painting industry, this Cool King Reflective Roof Coating is just what you need to keep your roof well protected. It’s solar reflective, which means your house will remain cool even with the scorching sun outside. The paint comes in much bigger packages of 5 gallons and can paint surfaces of about 50X70 square feet. It can be applied on other surfaces as well, including asphalt and wood. However, it’s advisable not to use it over shingled or gravel roofs. 

Valspar Metal roof coating

While most paints come in more conservative black and white colors, Valspar chose to be different. Valspar Metal roof coating comes in a variety of vibrant and enticing colors. The paint is perfect for metal and galvanized surfaces and comes in prominent 5-gallons paints, covering an entire roof of a standard house. The paint is UV-resistant and crafted to serve you for many years to come. It’s also waterproof for that added security for your roof. Unlike other paints that take a short time to cure, the Valspar metal roof coating will take about seven days. This is your number one pick for metal roof paint if you want your metal roof to have that glassy look. 

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